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  • RE: Town Issues/Discrepancies & Bugs

    @Veeshan Actually, didn't they say farms in Terra were like those in Aehren? Don't they take up town spaces?

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  • RE: Feedback on the new durability

    @DarthJafo To answer your one question, traditional leather curing is generally a 30 day soak in a curing solution of high saline.

    Rough curring can be done quicker, and there are ways to speed up the process some, but again, we're talking medieval, traditional curing.

    As an example of how easy it 'can' be to 'grind' out metal, last night, between my sister and I, we pulled 7 carts plus 10 pieces of copper in in less than 2 hrs, then went and got a cartload of coal each. With Advanced Smelters, you can process 10 pieces of copper into 2 ingots for 2 coal, or 4 charcoal in 4 hrs. Available to us were 6 Advanced Smelters during this process, so 12 ingots in 6 hrs of work were easily doable for 2 people working in concert, and that is combined with other gathering while we were out.

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  • RE: Bug Fixes - September 29, 2022

    @DarthJafo since the maps of Aehren and Terra are procedurally drawn, it can be more difficult to remove a terrain feature than otherwise.

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  • RE: Feedback on the new durability

    @grofire I argue partly the interpretation of "grind"

    To me, and as I see the advertised goal of Fractured, grind is interpreted as an excessive need to kill in order to advance the game.

    Fractured doesn't include what I'd call an excessive need to advance the story/game.

    2nd, I also understand and admit that totally horizontal games don't exist either. Again, Fractured tries to flatten power creep, and keep advancement more about variety over straight power.

    Both of these goals, as I've stated are doable and reasonable. Will they satisfy everyone? NO!, because that's also impossible, but can they meet reasonable expectations as to their design goals as stated in the Kickstarter? Yes. I think so.

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  • RE: Feedback on the new durability

    @Logain To be fair, 'no grind' by your interpretation of it, is not really possible in a Sandbox MMORPG.

    Rather, Fractured is low grind for advancement. (Every mob has only 100% Knowledge available, and generally gives at least 2% per kill unless you do it with more than 3 people, then you might get only 1%, so at most, with a group of over 3, 100 kills per mob, and with a group of 3 or less/solo, no more than 50 kills, with some mobs granting as much as 10% per kill, like the Tutorial mobs)

    Where any kind of 'grind' comes in, is when you voluntarily want to go back and grind for specific materials. You're not grinding for that +X Suit of Awesomeness that you might grind for in EverQuest or WoW, instead, your out there hoping to get that Battlemage Recipe set, and the Forcestones and Gianthearts to craft it.

    That is more of a voluntary grind. You're not required to do that grind to max out the mobs. You can theoretically tackle anything in the game with a group, even in t1, unenchanted gear. You grind only to make it easier, and allow you to do it in smaller more focused groups. (even solo, in many cases)

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  • RE: Feedback on the new durability

    Equipment abilities that are increased, if any, are done via the skills used, and/or the enchantments put on them. I think Mastery mainly just affecting Durability helps keep with the whole theme of a flatter power progression in the game, and the horizontal goals.

    They did say they plan to reinstate the +1/+2/+3 when you enchant weapons, which should grant a little bit more to certain things as well. We'll just have to see how that gets interpretted.

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  • RE: PvE & PvP Balancing Feedback Thread

    There is a few problems with this however.

    1. Any thing you give to enhance archers will be available to enhance magic archers as well, as you can freely mix and max skills in this game and it wouldn't make sense to lock archery skills just to longbows, as short bows can realistically do most things a longbowman can do (and would be better at things like stealth/evasion as shortbows are less cumbersome)

    2. Better poison would affect other poison users, and poison was broken before, so they had to tone it down. They may have gone too far, and need to rebalance a little, but it wouldn't just affect archery.

    3. As to the items needed for your t2 armor, Dragon Souls are much more common on Arborea, where they have more varieties of dragons, so Dragon Souls are going to become more common. Seer Stones come from Giants, specifically, Jotun drop them, and Jotun can be fairly easily beaten, especially by archers kiting in t1 equipment. That means that's not too difficult. Archers absolutely rule against Ogres, which drop the main ingredient for good Melee armor like Battlemage.

    Movement abilities are going to be a massive tick for many builds, as well.

    For the most part, Archers are okay, and magic archers actually practically slaughter in several situations. Choosing to use a longbow does lock you out of several options, but that's the tradeoff for using a longbow.

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  • RE: WHEN this week for Gate? (and other similar queries)
    1. It will become available to open. The crystals will finally be available. The gate still may not open right away.

    2. They almost never give an exact day/time for a patch, unless it's like the Wipe. The patch will arrive when it gets here.

    3. Races can mingle, they already answered, and with no additional malus added, that means free to live on each others' worlds, be citizens, etc. Currently though you're limited to 1 per accoint.

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  • RE: Town Issues/Discrepancies & Bugs

    @Junkie The inability to revoke plot ownership in town is also on Syndesia, not just Arborea.

    Also, from a role-play/story standpoint, it would make more sense that the more naturalistic Wildfolk would work around the environment more, and thus possibly have less overall space given their particular architectural styles.

    Right now, the only 'benefit' that humans have really is their Tech, which one would assume is mainly interpreted as their more efficient house styles, and the current ability for them to make necklaces. Wildfolk, on the other hand, have the ability to take on their Primal Form, as well as controlling the main travel resource.

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  • RE: AMA with Developer 23/09 - Summary

    @grofire Horizontal doesn't work for you.

    A lot of others are specifically here because of the horizontal progression system.

    Also, in a Beta-test, everything is usually not implemented, that is just part of the testing process. Tier 3 items will be added, and will cover more specialization over power-creep.

    There are actually lots of us still having fun with the game and not suffering from boredom. I'm sorry you are.

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