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  • RE: Town Issues/Discrepancies & Bugs

    Hi @Junkie @OlivePit, a reply to the issues you brought up:

    • Something went wrong with those last 3 Arboreus houses in the list for sure. It's not only prestige, there are more issues there. We are investigating and we're going to have them fixed in the next patch.
    • Terra cities do require less space given that you don't need the whole military side. Overall you should be able to get enough prestige to reach rank 15 easily. I can see your city indeed has enough for rank 14 and you have only a little missing for rank 15.
    • Farming plots snap in a different way indeed. They do so everywhere though, not only on Terra. As @OlivePit pointed out, this is done to have some walking space between each plot, but not as large as that between buildings.
    • We are studying a solution for the abandoned private parcels issue. We agree that governors should be able to evict unwanted citizens in some way. Hopefully we can get this live in the next patch too.
    • The occupied carpenter space is a mystery. There's no more carpenter entity there, and there has been one server restart already since we fixed the issue, so any leftover object in the server should be gone. This requires more investigation - we'll get to it ASAP, please have a bit more patience 😞
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  • RE: Feedback on Legends

    @spoletta @Junkie @AceofSpades the main reward of legends are the Lost Tales. You really don't care at all about those?

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  • RE: Daily Message posting

    Test post!

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  • PvE & PvP Balancing Feedback Thread

    Hi all,

    as you've likely noticed in the recent patches, we've been releasing incremental PvP and PvE balancing passes in Fractured Online. The aim is to bring the game to a place where there are several "competitive" archetypes / builds, both in PvE and PvP, and possibly a "counter" for each of them.

    To ease us in our quest, your feedback is invaluable! Therefore, we would like to ask you:

    • What archetypes /builds you think are visibly OP (too strong) or UP (too weak), and why.
    • What abilities/spells you think are visibly OP (too strong) or UP (too weak), and why.
    • What weapons/armor sets you think are visibly OP (too strong) or UP (too weak), and why.

    Please note that feedback on the early/mid game is welcome, although the focus of this thread is more on the end game, concerning characters with Tier 2, fully enchanted armor / weapons and all the needed abilities unlocked.

    Let you voice be heard!


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  • RE: Advanced smelters broken again.

    @OlivePit said in Advanced smelters broken again.:

    We figured out that you need to unlearn and re-learn a tech point anywhere in the tree for the tree to reset and recognize the talent points spent.

    There was an issue where work done by QA on staging servers could be reflected on live cities (research data was sent to the wrong database, in a nutshell). It's been fixed. That's what happened to your city. Doing one unlearn/learn would fix it indeed. Apologies!

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  • RE: Guil creation

    Hi @ScarletLotus , did relogging fix the issue?

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  • RE: Advanced smelters broken again.

    @OlivePit @M1ckGO thanks for the report, I've just been to Northguard and used an advanced smeltery in the blacksmith shop. It was working, so I claimed a private land parcel in the city and then another one as far as possible from the city in a residential area. Again the advanced smeltery always worked.

    I need more details on the issue to be able to reproduce it, such as:

    • Id of the character who were trying to smelt
    • Role of the character (citizen? vice gov? gov?)
    • Exact coordinates of the smeltery on the map


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  • Patch Log - b.0.1g

    Hi all,

    today's patch is a minor one, mostly focus on preparing the game for a successful run of the Open Week.


    • Fixed a couple vulnerabilities in the game server / webserver code that could have been exploited by hackers to create resources and to spam the global chats.
    • Added the Game Master and Moderator access roles. Yes, moderators and game masters can finally intervene in the game now, clearly with limited powers compared to those of full admins (Dynamight Studios devs & gamigo CMs).

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed a bug that made weapon damage splitting (e.g. a bow with 50% Pierce Damage, 50% Cold Damage) not functional is some limited circumstances (the arrow would deal no damage).
    • Fixed a trick that allowed players to reset the cooldown of abilities to 10 seconds by dragging them repeatedly in and out from the “active” hotbar to the “memorized abilities” hotbar.
    • All crafting stations in NPC cities are now usable (aside from those with internal inventories such as Imbuing Tables, Smeltieries & Tanning Tubs).
    • The Kick Player admin command now works properly.
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  • Patch Log - b.0.1f - IMS Zeuz Transfer

    Hi all,

    today we are performing a major transfer of our game servers. Here's a few more info on it.

    As many of you know, SpatialOS is our backend engine of choice. So far, we're run our servers on the SCP (SpatialOS Classic Platform). We are now moving to IMS Zeuz, the new hosting platform, which is way more flexible (and potentially cheaper) than the SCP, enabling us to eventually use dedicated bare-metal servers instead of cloud servers.

    Other than doing it for advantages mentioned above, this move was necessary because the SCP is eventually going to be deprecated. The process of getting used to the new platform took some dev time, and that is why we don't have a game patch this week bringing "visible" changes to the game.

    Thank you all and stay tuned because we have some big news coming very soon!


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