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    Daily post

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    I am noise

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  • RE: PvE & PvP Balancing Feedback Thread

    As I said elsewhere, the problem here lies with strike wounds.
    That skill is the main damage source for both bows and also causes problems for the balance between melee builds. That skill makes it so that your weapon damage is secondary.

    The fact that a longbow has an higher damage than a shortbow doesn't really count, because the damage does not come from there. For melee builds too, it is all about the attack speed, to be able to deliver as many strike wounds as possible.

    It also means that the greatest part of damage of any archer or melee is pure damage. This simply cannot work.

    IMO that skill has to be changed. It should be based on the base weapon damage and cause extra damage instead of pure damage.

    Something like: "Increase your basic weapon damage by 1% for each percentage point of health the target is missing, up to [DEX+PER]*2%"

    This would be a very big nerf to that skill, but let's admit it, it is too strong.

    Even like this it would still compare favorably to the other skills of that kind like vicious attacks and bloodlust (especially considering that it is always on and without mana cost).

    Alternatively make it less automatic. Make it like the other skills with a mana activation cost, a 10 sec duration and a 20 sec cooldown. And it would still be too strong, would need to be increased to 3 memory points.

    Some don't want Strike Wounds touched because that skill is the whole reason that some dex based builds can work. The correct fix here though is to first address Strike Wounds, and then increase the base multipliers of weapons. This would make it so that skill which increase your basic damage have again a value. Skills that decrease the opponent armor too.

    In short, please remove that crutch!

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  • RE: Feedback on the new durability

    Equipment abilities that are increased, if any, are done via the skills used, and/or the enchantments put on them. I think Mastery mainly just affecting Durability helps keep with the whole theme of a flatter power progression in the game, and the horizontal goals.

    They did say they plan to reinstate the +1/+2/+3 when you enchant weapons, which should grant a little bit more to certain things as well. We'll just have to see how that gets interpretted.

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  • RE: PvE & PvP Balancing Feedback Thread

    There is a few problems with this however.

    1. Any thing you give to enhance archers will be available to enhance magic archers as well, as you can freely mix and max skills in this game and it wouldn't make sense to lock archery skills just to longbows, as short bows can realistically do most things a longbowman can do (and would be better at things like stealth/evasion as shortbows are less cumbersome)

    2. Better poison would affect other poison users, and poison was broken before, so they had to tone it down. They may have gone too far, and need to rebalance a little, but it wouldn't just affect archery.

    3. As to the items needed for your t2 armor, Dragon Souls are much more common on Arborea, where they have more varieties of dragons, so Dragon Souls are going to become more common. Seer Stones come from Giants, specifically, Jotun drop them, and Jotun can be fairly easily beaten, especially by archers kiting in t1 equipment. That means that's not too difficult. Archers absolutely rule against Ogres, which drop the main ingredient for good Melee armor like Battlemage.

    Movement abilities are going to be a massive tick for many builds, as well.

    For the most part, Archers are okay, and magic archers actually practically slaughter in several situations. Choosing to use a longbow does lock you out of several options, but that's the tradeoff for using a longbow.

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  • RE: PvE & PvP Balancing Feedback Thread

    -Archers really have to be boosted, (not magic archers), i mean "LongBow's archers", i want to be a real archer, not a magic one. We need more skills ("Ranged", Not "Spell Channeling skills"), to make Archers viable and fun, like; "Stun Shot" "Triple Shot" "Bleeding Arrow" "Evasive Shot", more type of "Traps", useful buff like old "Frenzy", "Ultimate Evasion" (maybe can get a buff of evasion for a "X" secs), some movement skill "evasive jump" "Trickster jump", maybe in a some skills, changes like; "Hunter Mark", i would that skill can mark an objetive and and buff us with extra dmg on marked objetive and some mov. speed.

    -Of corse, better "Poison" effect, as like better crafting.

    -About Archer's equipment (with a bonus set), we don't have "easy" crafting, like mages or a melee class have, in comparation; Hunter's set need "Dragon Soul", hard to get it, Ranger's set "Seer Stone", the same, hard to get it, hav to farm Dragons and Giants... not spiders or some easy mob. I think this is ok, but feel unbalanced things against other types of armors.

    Right now, i feel the archer soo bad and poor... but i like to be archer 😞

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  • RE: Town Issues/Discrepancies & Bugs

    Hi @Junkie @OlivePit, a reply to the issues you brought up:

    • Something went wrong with those last 3 Arboreus houses in the list for sure. It's not only prestige, there are more issues there. We are investigating and we're going to have them fixed in the next patch.
    • Terra cities do require less space given that you don't need the whole military side. Overall you should be able to get enough prestige to reach rank 15 easily. I can see your city indeed has enough for rank 14 and you have only a little missing for rank 15.
    • Farming plots snap in a different way indeed. They do so everywhere though, not only on Terra. As @OlivePit pointed out, this is done to have some walking space between each plot, but not as large as that between buildings.
    • We are studying a solution for the abandoned private parcels issue. We agree that governors should be able to evict unwanted citizens in some way. Hopefully we can get this live in the next patch too.
    • The occupied carpenter space is a mystery. There's no more carpenter entity there, and there has been one server restart already since we fixed the issue, so any leftover object in the server should be gone. This requires more investigation - we'll get to it ASAP, please have a bit more patience 😞
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    Daily message posting

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  • RE: Daily Message posting

    daily post

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  • RE: Craft armor/set

    Honestly, its only the plate that needs a change. Maybe the tanning time for leather could be reduced a bit, but beyond that all other craft resources are easily obtainable

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