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  • RE: Town Issues/Discrepancies & Bugs

    @Veeshan Actually, didn't they say farms in Terra were like those in Aehren? Don't they take up town spaces?

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  • RE: Feedback on the new durability

    @GamerSeuss said in Feedback on the new durability:

    (...)That is more of a voluntary grind (...)You can theoretically tackle anything in the game with a group, even in t1, unenchanted gear. You grind only to make it easier, and allow you to do it in smaller more focused groups. (even solo, in many cases)

    Which, if you read my posting at all, is exactly my point.
    The Kickstarter page advertises 'solitary hero' as viable play-style literally in the second paragraph. I get it, you play during peak times, you have people to play with, you can rush through the content easy and never have to encounter any difficulty at all, because, quite frankly, if you die in a group, you were simply stupid.
    I don't have that luxury, there's only ever a handful of active players online during my playtime, who barely ever get into group activities. I've had exactly 3 'organized group hunts' since EA started, the rest was all solo play with the occasional rare random grouping.
    For me, there is extreme grind, getting all the materials, finding a crafter that's going to be willing and has the time to be online when I am every once in a week, begging and then hitting the ground due to rubberbanding with high ping, back to where I started.
    But yeah, I'm glad you're enjoying yourself.

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  • RE: Daily Message posting

    Daily post

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  • RE: Daily Message posting

    I am noise

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  • RE: Suggestion on some spells/skill balancing

    Wintersgrasp - channeled single target skill that does next to no dmg, this definetly needs an increase dmg wise sicne its also relatively close range skill too (Currently int x 4 dmg, i feel it should be int x 8 dmg since you can be easily CCed out of it) It also has a relay long CD for the dmg output it does

    This is an issue with stack application not taking accuracy into account. When used by frost elementals (which ignore target fortitude) this skill is very powerful. Instead, when cast by a player under the current rules, if the target has enough fortitude the stacks applied are less than the stacks decaying.

    ice spike - Might need a minor dmg increase Int x 8 to int x10 dmg
    I agree. After the huge (deserved) nerf they received, they know need a little bit of love.

    Lightning Rush - Needs to be longer range mayeb increase it by 3m from 5 to 8m

    8 could be a bit much, but I could see an increase to 6.

    Magnetize - By itself it not broken to badly however combined with shock totem it does so much dmg since shock totems apply shock debuff so fast i would make shock totems add stacks at a slower rate but more each time. It could be strong in large scale cause everyone magnifies the effect aswell.

    This skill is the enabler of the shock builds. It should be increased to 3 memory points, but I don't think that it should be nerfed.
    Totems are a completely different matter. Totems should be 100% nerfed and everyone agrees on that point.

    Burning pillar - Might need a minor nerf however Crush dmg 200 + Int x 18 dmg (higher than most skills already) + 40 elemental debuff stacks + a stun with relativly short CD/mana cost compared to the skill its kinda a little loaded compared to all others currently

    Same as magnetize, this skill is what enables the fire builds. Like the other one though it is a bit too powerful for 2 memory points, I could definitely see this one as a 3 memory point.

    Power word X
    Power word stun/silence kinda in a weird spot since cha is kinda stat no one currently takes and these skills require target to have more charisma than you to work and power word kill and heal requires or promotes having high charisma so kinda weird synergy here i would change them stun and silence to work when targets have less charisma than you so power word X skills all follow the same rules and would also make these skills better due to not many people running charisma currently

    Power words already work like that. You need to have an HIGHER charisma than the target.

    magic dmg
    Energy blast - Need charge time halfed dmg is fine where it at just half the channel time from 4 seconds to 2 if they hit somone with it the dmg is rewarding enough at 2 seconds if your keeping it 4 second dmg need to be greatly increased
    Magic missle - base dmg is to low especly when it cant be modified by int (only missle amount) bump it up 40 dmg i think per missle and it might be in an ok spot
    Piece Magic - is fine might base dmg might need to be intx10 from int x8 though
    Mind strike - seems fine but atm it bad since charisma isnt all that useful currently so when more char skills in play might be worth

    Energy damage needs definitely some improvements. It doesn't leave lasting effects like the other spells, so I think that magic missile could use a 20% damage increase. Energy blast should be the fireball equivalent of the energy class, so its area of effect should be greatly increased. Pierce magic damage is fine, the problem is that now it isn't dispelling. Mind strike is an unknown factor until we have more illusion spells.

    The assasin skills that are calculated via Dex+perc= dmg might need to be looked at this pigeon hole you into doing a max dex/max perception build and the reward is often not there, i think pierce through is the only one of these skills that have decent enough dmg/reward for commiting most of your stats into perc/dex the rest seem rather meh.

    The assassination skill you are referring to is Strike wounds, and as I have already said in other places, it is the root of all archers, assassin and warrior evils.

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  • RE: Feedback on the new durability

    I actually like that the % is the same for all items. It makes the poor and gold items more similar to each other.

    If it wasn't for this % loss, gold items would have double the durability of poor ones, which is too much of a difference. Instead, gold items tend to live more since they suffer a lot less from day to day usage degradation, but have the same durability loss on death. This in my opinion is the right amount of difference between the two qualities.

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  • RE: Feedback on the new durability

    @DarthJafo To answer your one question, traditional leather curing is generally a 30 day soak in a curing solution of high saline.

    Rough curring can be done quicker, and there are ways to speed up the process some, but again, we're talking medieval, traditional curing.

    As an example of how easy it 'can' be to 'grind' out metal, last night, between my sister and I, we pulled 7 carts plus 10 pieces of copper in in less than 2 hrs, then went and got a cartload of coal each. With Advanced Smelters, you can process 10 pieces of copper into 2 ingots for 2 coal, or 4 charcoal in 4 hrs. Available to us were 6 Advanced Smelters during this process, so 12 ingots in 6 hrs of work were easily doable for 2 people working in concert, and that is combined with other gathering while we were out.

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  • RE: Bug Fixes - September 29, 2022

    @DarthJafo since the maps of Aehren and Terra are procedurally drawn, it can be more difficult to remove a terrain feature than otherwise.

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  • RE: Daily Message posting

    Daily message posting

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