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  • RE: No steam key??

    @muker i think it is more for being able to push some more positive Steam-Feedback.
    I know other games where you get a key from devs to participate a Beta in Steam and being able to do reviews. But well, I don't know the policy of Steam in this specific thing.
    As I understood, you still need to make a Glyph account, even you enter over steam.
    Also, if I understand Steam right, there are possibilities to connect a game with a steam account, so no selling possible, if you need an already existing game access.

    However, the Reviews on steam are devastating.
    But what should I say? We told them so since 2017?
    Yeah we told them!

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  • RE: September 16 - Fixes and Improvements

    For our entire playergroup the yesterday from Prometheus announced problems are present. No Guild-List, No Party, No Settlergroup access, no Chat, no usable stations on private Plot anymore.
    For this reason, it is unplayable for us, since the only thing we can do to run around alone and kill some minor stuff.
    Hope there will be a soon fix, I want to test the entire Arboreus Stuff, but it isn't possible right now.

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  • Texture failure on Tavern Bar

    On the Tavern town building has some texture problems.
    The bar tables of the tavern don't have all wood but some stone texture:


    Btw. looks like the texture of the Fireplace/Chimney.

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  • RE: Website Relaunch!

    Same Problem, the login seems not to work properly.
    After some reloads at least the forum shows me, that I am logged in.

    Edit: Be aware, I wrote following before I noticed, I am still not logged into the website itself, but the forum. So it might be already visible somewhere. I may sound grumpy. 😉

    Another question to @Arcahem
    Where can I find the old informations about the Foundation stuff or is this cutted out entirely?
    Where are the list of our bought packages, the Foundation Points, Rewards, people who joined in reason of your referal link? Are all these informations lost?
    I can't see any of this informations here on the website now, nor I have any reference to see it at the Glyphstore. More than that, I always see in the Glyph Shop, that I can buy the packages there, that are literally already included in my higher pack? Whats about the stuff I already bought here ages ago? All the Foundation, Shop, Kickstarter stuff?

    How anyone can proof their already payed stuff, if here is no single reference to it anymore? (like the list in screenshot below)

    I would be glad to get any confirmation, if any of our stuff from the past is still valid and we get them shown up again or if it just got silently droped.

    Edit: I know the text from the support page, as @OlivePit linked it. But I am expecting some more informations about this, if you change stuff, a hint on that from official staff would be nice, to know if we have all these informations back soon.



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  • RE: All blacksmith stuff disapear after the first forge was destroyed

    @Gofrit said in All blacksmith stuff disapear after the first forge was destroyed:

    e) We destroyed the first blacksmith and the horror begins... We lost all the forge and all the chest (and all the stuff in, ingot, armor, weapons) present in the two other blacksmith building

    Actual you encountered that?
    I remember from last test we had 3 blacksmiths, but not sure, if there was such a problem.
    Do I understand it right, that you removed a building that had chests and full forges?
    Would it not be right to lose the content of the building too?

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  • RE: Discussion Thread about the June 7 Patch

    @OlivePit Yeah, I think Vice Govs should be able to do so too.
    Maybe @LordSkykal can send that suggestion to the devs. 🤔

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  • RE: buying a game

    @muker there was a possibility to gift the game in the past with a key, many Streamer did that.
    I am not sure if it is still possible with Glyph.

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  • RE: Discussion Thread about the June 7 Patch

    I am thanking Dynamight for making it true to have better town management.
    ❤ for Trusted Citizen Role!

    That makes hope for more town improvement in the future.

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  • RE: Citizens, Farming, and trust.

    I am agreeing with all the concerns and suggestions @OlivePit made.

    Beside this I want to add some concerns and problems of town management from my side, that I was stating in the past more than once:

    1. Account vs. Playernames
    • If a (Vice)-Governor always just see account names, we need to make a complicated offline list about every citizen account + playernames relation and we never know which newly created character is related to any of the accounts on our list, since they are automatically town citizen account wide.
      Even if you spot a player doing bad stuff to your town, which one you will kick out? Just purging whole citizen? And for this reason making intown houseplots unusable forever, since they didn't get freed?
      And what you have won, if you reinvite everyone, you simply don't know who the guy was. Just staying on your 10 closest friends for Citizenship, to be able to get the needed Prestige for Rank 15... oh wait, it was 15, since public buildings don't count anymore if double builded.
      I am suggesting in this case, make all related Playernames visible on the Townlist, at least for (Vice)-Governors.
    1. Last Online
    • Give us the possibility to see, when a player was last time online.
      Since we don't have any possibility to manage player of our town correctly, it would help much to be able to see, who is active and who not.
    1. Ingame town communication
    • Yes I know, we can use third party chat programs to get connected.
      But for all the Residents that I most likely never met nor know who is Resident, since there is no single hint of ownership of that houses outside of the town, I am not able to give these People any order or information about the town, except with limited townhall description.
      Some kind of townboard or town chat would be nice, where all Citizen and Residents are in.
      It would make it way easier to govern a town in a good way. To leave some informations for everyone who is related to that town. Also it would be easier to make them clear, what is needed to get the town to the desired rank and stay there.
    1. visible Tech-Tree
      Make the Tech-Tree visible, means readable for Citizen, Residents or even Public.
      I not even understand, why it is just visible for Governors at all.
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