The first taste of Alpha2

  • The experience of first 8 hrs in Alpha 2

    1. Enchanting, crafting and armor durability....but what about repair?
      How much time do you think we need for equipment DUR down to 0 in Goblin Hils, for example?
      1.5hrs for my "Hide armor" till the moment when i throwing it out of my inventory. (i always solo in melee build)
      Aaaand how much time do we need to craft Leather armor?
      The answer is 16hrs!
      Reason to craft it? Reason to chant it? To make and put it back in a chest? Or i need to craft and chant 3 or 4 sets at once and always running with it?

    2. No advanced weapon, and no chants for Tier1. You also cut stats from beast's helmets and nerfed necklaces(even this have durability x_X). I always use bows, because it's never miss and this is the only weapon wich work with poison right this moment.

    3. Shields did't work (no visual stats on character's screen, no defence)
      i mean you add it in alpha feature list and dont even look how its work?:(

    • In general: If you call this a hardcore, please give us opportunities, otherwise it is boring routine without real tests. Our time in alpha is Limited, but we still don't have that simple things like chat folders, private message, prty system or even markers on global map to set coordinates and find other players in a world with it. Do you have admin's panel for easy of use? How about "basic tools" for players?


    as for 1.
    I can imagine that both things can work, non repairing, would mean you need to get a replace before your item breaks. Repairing would be more nice of course.
    Probably they did not implemented repairing yet, to see how long people can wear actual stuff and if they will break too fast before the people can get a replacement.
    Or the repairing mechanism are depending on actual crafting possibilities. Like an enchanted Item just can be repaired by an Enchanter as a skill, that still needs to get implemented into the Knowledge System.

    as for 2.
    I know we want to see way more variety in tools, weapons, clothes and enchants. But i think at the actual state it does not matter if you can have better items, because for first the enchanting itself need to work without issues, then you can add tiers and other stuff.
    Of course i am expeciting a nice divertisity for all items.
    We still have a part of it, because you can make better clothes with better materials (Spidersilk instead of Fibre, Warg or Direwolf Leather instead of simple Leather). I like this kind of Crafting, you use better materials to get better stuff out of your crafts.

    as for the general point
    I agree, some statement about the possibility of requested features by community and a timeline, when they are planned to get tested, would be fine.
    But we request many things, it is surely a small line to consider them as important or not.
    Per example the chat folder/private message... i am with you, that this will be things that we want, but thats QoL features. I am hoping much we get them, but for the alpha itself it is not really important.
    The Partysystem is still somehow in test. As i was understanding Prometheus right, he will not make fixed groups/parties, but like grouping up as long "friends" are fighting together. That would also mean, that a party system is probably not visible before the guildsystem and alignment system is not implemented.
    If i was reading all the informations right, it will depending on it much, if you can go with someone to an expedition or interacting with them savely.

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