Can't set the Rustic 3x3 in my land plot...


    Hello community,

    I can't seem to place my 3x3 inside my land plot. I've built a wagon and campfire, but for some reason the blueprint for the 3x3 won't set. It says right click to place, but when I do it just cancels out. The blue color indicates its a legitimate placement location but it just won't stick. Has anyone else experienced this or have any solutions?


  • Maybe some plots are just bugged. I had the same issue when I tried to build the house, but I could eventually place it on another titles of the plot. I can't build stuff on a big chunk of my land, not even fences (the area with red)


    Yep, I just abandoned it and grabbed a different plot. Oh well, thanks for letting me know so I don't go crazy. lol.

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