Alpha 2 - Test 2 (megathread)

  • It's not a megathread but it can be, just post your observations in concise manner so the devs can go through it effectively.

    I didn't see anything specific being asked to test this time around so I'll just say that the servers are always up (started testing on thursday).

    0. Login

    • Have the option to remember password or automatic login

    1. Menu

    • There need to be general setting in the menu
    • Sound is way TOO LOUD, I have to set it to 1/100 in windows mixer
    • Positioning of the close and mute button is not user friendly

    2. Character creation

    • Character creation could be more diverse but that is minor for me
    • Having difficulty besides the class (background) doesn't make sense to me, at least for " Stree rat" I didn't find it hard.
    • It would help if the abilities that a class starts with would be shown what they actually do
    • Choosing a starting point is uninspiring
    • Getting thrown in with no simple tutorial on how to navigate the UI is daunting

    3. UI

    • Chat

      • needs to have the background on by default
      • allow players to hide/show it
      • allow muting/reporting players
      • allow creation of own channels
      • allow leaving/joining channels (such as the global one)
      • when you move the chat scrollbar make it stay where it is and not jump back to the end when someone types something new
      • item linking
    • Skill bar

      • allow for key customisation
      • add more slots so we can use food and stuff
      • don't know why the "memorised" skill bar has 2 rows for skills if we can only use 1 row of skills and items
    • Bottom right menu

      • Character menu

        • Stats need to explain what they do and how they impact your character
        • I don't need to see my ID under my character name
      • Inventory

        • It's pretty basic
        • Needs an option to be expanded because there are already too many reagents and items to loot and there aren't even weapons/armors in the loot yet
    • Inventory crafting

      • Basic like the inventory
      • Search font color needs to be changed so it's visible
      • Items should show their stats before being crafted
      • When crafting armour it's not explained that you can choose which materials (ingredients) you want to use
      • Crafting multiple stuff at once is a must, same goes for cooking
    • Blueprint selection

      • For campfire it should be pointed out in tutorial that this is your saving grace when it comes to HP/Life/Stamina or w/e you call the red bar.
      • Don't know what the plan is but only enchanting table is unsuable to others and possible Tanning Tub (Tanning Tub I'd understand but not the Enchanting Table)
      • The rustic 3x3 needs to provide information what you'll need at each step
      • I didn't bother with decorations since I like useful stuff
      • Containers:
        • The tutorial should show you that you need the handcart
        • Despite all the chests having same description you can place the leather one outside of the house
        • Would be awesome if rightclicking on items would transfer them from your inventory to the container and vice versa (dragging is tedious)
    • Book of knowledge

      • It's all in my face (too big) I can easily see from 3m away what's in the tables
      • The scroll bar acts funky
      • We can either use mouse to click and drag on the white image or on the scroll bar, but their direction is reveresed
    • Skills and abilities

      • It's also too big
      • There is no explanation what KP is
      • Under presets it says what the memory cost is, unless that plays some important part it's not necessary information since the preset has already been made and renamed.
    • Cog

      • The settings need more options
    • Player bar

      • Confusing why we need a total of 5 resources (energy, hunger, endurance, life, mana)
      • I still have no idea what the energy is for, never dropped to 0 to find out same with hunger
      • The top one is too big
      • Allow the players to disable/enable the bars and reposition them (lock/unlock)
    • Mini map & Map

      • Should show real time
      • Don't know if °C are necessary or just fluff
      • Would be nice if minimap could zoom out more so don't have to open the big map all the time
      • Coordinates have to be on the big map wheere you are & where your mouse cursor is
      • Allow for adding of waypoints
    • Graphics

      • Screen tearing
      • Colours seem washed out
      • Some plants are hard to distinguish from the background

    4. Housing claim & Building

    • Claims can be a PITA to find and once you do you figure out that you're on your own in the middle of nowhere since there are hardly any players/monsters there
    • Some appear as claimable on the minimap bur there is nothing to claim
    • Cart is stuck in the foundation if you have it inside when completing the stone part of the foundation (when you build the house you can use it again)
    • Clicking on the parts that need to be build by adding logs/stone is clunky (sometimes it responds and most of the times it needs to be clicked twice)
    • Moving stuff from the cart 1 by 1 is tedious
    • Others can place their cart infront of your house entrance and you're screwed (no in/out)
    • Monsters don't know they're walking through walls/fence

    5. Monsters

    • Didn't fight all of them but Pink spider, Big tree seem like world bosses
    • Wisp seems broken with it's snare and heal, at least I gave up as a melee char and went on my way
    • Mini trees and spiderlings have no loot
    • Some if not all mobs have too much HP for these starter weapons and it may give the wrong impression

    6. Combat

    • When using a bow arrows fly in all directions even when clicking on enemies, this seems like it's because of the terrain as even like "10cm" height difference makes you fire way off target
    • Melee sees a lot of dodges
    • It doesn't feel smooth
    • Kiting doesn't seem like a good option because animations take time to resolve, combined with the bow combat you get some spectacular missfires
    • I was spamming bandages expecting to heal myself, but I healed the green bar (endurance). I got curious what happen if you run out of endurance, you get knocked out, monsters leave you alone and you get back on your feet in 20 seconds. No explanaition of that is given before it happens to you. I haven't died so I don't know what the respawn proces is like

    7. Skills

    • Cobweb, it's too damn big and intrusive. Also casting it and moving puts the skill on cooldown without casting it, in that case it should either not have a cooldown or a 5s one at most.
    • Spells tell you that you need light armour only after you equip them and try to use them (should be mentioned on the skill itself like the poison one - that can only be used by bladed and bows)
    • Currently Mage Armour seems like a skill everyone should have as with just 15INT and scholar set (no boots) you have 250 to all physical defenses and 20% to all resistances
    • I liked how we learn skills from monsters, but it's just a tiny bit frustrating that it's rng as you can learn a skill on the first or the last kill needed for the quest completion

    8. Enchanting

    • Needs to be more intuitively presented what is what, I didn't like decoding what each symbol means (This was fixed with one of the recent patches)
    • if you make multiple possible enchants it applies only one
    • Magic affinity on item doesn't say that it means how many times you can enchant an item
    • Stacking/Splitting items needs to be implemented, don't know which reagent other than Dandelion is "Chaos" so you probably need 2 stacks of those to make any of the enchants that need the Chaos property
    • Too many different reagents

    9. Getting around

    • Mounts or other fast way to travel needs to be implemented asap as it takes too long to get around
    • Went to Valey of shadow, walked along the left side of it, stumbled on a Pink and Yellow spiders together so I had to move along as they were too strong. Got all the way to the top left and it was a dead end - some terrain should be passable so we don't have to backtrack for 20-30minutes
    • Places are barren, went from middle of Myr to SE, E, NE, N, NW and ended at goblin hills - saw hardly any monsters and wasn't motivated to fight the usual spiders/wolves

    10. Misc

    • Some skills rely on attributes so it would be nice if there was an option to respec them
    • Night/day cycle makes it hard on the eyes
    • For the short time that I've shot with bow it seems OP, it's fast attacking and it crit for 240 damage! which makes my 1h axe look pretty weak with all the dodges I got and I had all my gear enchanted for extra accuracy (the bow was unenchanted)
    • I have now made a bow character, it's damage is simply nuts with no skills for 1v1, I've crit over 400 damage! with my necklace and bow enchanted for crit damage
    • Dying of hunger (30-60 damage/s seems like less damage the less life you have), for science, I got respawned inside of one of the stone foundation pillars of my house and had to relog. Now my house was close to white plains so I didn't feel like going anywhere after that. I don't know where I'd respawn if I didn't have a house.
    • I couldn't take a bite of food when at 60life even though I was taking 30 dmg/s at that point (I wanted to see what happens when I have no energy)
    • The basic social aspect of the game is missing (party, trade, etc.)
    • Putting a weaker version of poison should not remove the stronger stack versions
    • In enchanting "Damage increase" should say it's for melee only or not be allowed to be put on bows, unless it's for both ranged and melee then the text has to reflect that
    • Players should be able to enable/disable to click on interactable objects during combat, just like we can't interact with them if we ar epoisined etc. and can only do it 5 seconds after the debuff wears off
    • Some enemies are overtuned, Wisps especially come to mind with a snare that prevents you from doing anything, immunity to magic and poison, blinking away and healing all on fairly low coldown. I tried with my fully enchanted bow character and I couldn't do enough damage, then I tried the melee skill that silences but it didn't do any good as the Wisp still constantly teleported away.
    • Speaking of overtuning, with the starter weapons enemies defenses need to be looked at, I'd say they're fine for the Treant and Lich Spider but lower "level" enemies should be looked at unless we're supposed to hit like wet noodles and fight basic monsters anywhere between 1-infinity minutes, because constant healing is a thing.

    11. BUGS

    • Creating a character with a name that doesn't meet standards (not correct characters or too long name) allows you to go to the selecting of character start location but you can't enter. When going BACK you are given the error message and pressing OKAY doesn't do anything so you can only Alt+F4.
    • Using "Net Trap" skill mobs become stuck when the skill ends. When trappers use the skill on us it can happen that when we attack with our bow the attack animation plays but no arrows come flying out and we deal no damage.
    • Various windows sometimes close on their own (mostly loot window though)
    • When closing windows in a certain way the item tooltips of the window closed (inventory, character) get displayed aroudn the screen until you open and close the window properly
    • Item stacks don't work properly. I was carrying 1 stack of branches and bones so I could then just pick 1 branch and 1 bone, make 1 stack of arrows and still keep a whole stack of branches and bones. it sped my progress by just a little bit.
    • I could only put 6 enchants on "Spidersilk Scholar robe", the affinity was at 1/7 but the chat errors said:
      • That the item is already enchanted with all the properties that a given set of reagents could provide, which isn't true as I made a combination of 4 resistances and I could only apply 3 out of 4
      • Then it said enchanting failed
      • And lastly that the item can't be enchanted anymore

    Edit: I've added some more stuff that I found while playing an archer.

    Final words. I've now put enough time into testing and writing this feedback. I got to see enough of the things that the game currently has to offer and based on the envisioned plans for the game it still has ways to go, so I will probably give it another shot when most of the thing are adressed and new stuff added.

  • rabbit paw give 3 chaos btw

    Nice thread overall, not like mine yours organized, good job👍

    Something about enchanting: it would be nice if when you put the ingredients with multiple propertise/attributes we are able to choose with enchant we want

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