[FRAC-1903] Rotation of items only offers 3 instead of 4 choices


    When you choose a blueprint, you cannot rotate it to place it in every direction you choose. As you can see from the video, were I to try to place the alchemist's table with the post along the side of the house, I cannot. I can put it to the left, to the right, or against the fenceline, but not facing towards the house. Other items are simlar, I showed the crafting table as well.

    video example


    Very interesting.
    Today i tried again to move my Enchanting Table and was wondering about, why it had just 3 sides to turn.
    I was very sure, that it was possible... so i searched for my reports and yeah, found the one where i could turn my enchanting table blueprint in all 4 directions.

    This is not possible anymore.
    Now the blueprint of the Enchanting Table don't have this direction anymore, that it had before 2.2.0h:

    alt text

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