Can't grasp items then disappear, no way to logout


    Sometimes the game connection has an issue, and I can't interact with any of the environment. Eventually, I will become invisible, and so will anything around me other than the ground I'm standing on.

    Thing is, there's no way to log out of the game, and the game itself just sits here, without disconnecting on its end. I end up having to close the program from outside of the game.

    I did end up with an extra cart one time when I had this issue, I was pulling one, so when I reloaded, I suddenly had a second.

    Here's some vid of it happening.


    After i saw the other thread about it too:
    and in combination with the Cart Item Duplication Reports (Wood/Stones) i get an idea of an possible reason.

    Your reports had to do with Client problems and the reports about the item duplication aswell because of the need of fast clicking.

    I smells for me like that some Clientactions get send twice and the server runs the function for it twice too.
    Since i am not a programmer i won't be able to say for what to look for.
    My idea based just on knowledge how datatransfers works and how both involved sides need to talk with each other to be sure to get the right informations.

    I need to add, after i was thinking a bit about the Cart Duplication itself.
    There must be 2 in database then, but will it be possible to review which action placed the second one into the database?
    It just happened, when you carried your Cart?
    Probably some check in a function, that change the state of the Cart between fixed structure and sticked part, does the duplication. I wonder if both Carts have different IDs then.


    @Kralith not sure, if they do, they can look at mine, I made 3 carts, yet I have 4.

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