Mobs Should not Leash?


    After playing a mage, after trying mele most of this test, i noticed i could kill any non ranged mob in the game with out ever getting hurt just cast spells run to its leashing point hit run hit run let it leash follow it and keep smashing it with spells, then retreat backwards till it leashes again

    using this "trick" i could kill any mob in game.

    mobs either need to be faster, regen back to full HP instantly when they leash, or not leash at all or players will be able to cheese most things in game with a few range casters trivializing hard content


    I think i mentioned it at the November Test too.
    At the moment you can abuse that back and forward much.
    Also in groups, as long someone has the aggro, he just need to run in circles to kite them, while others kill it.
    There is no take over of Aggro at the moment, so nothing to care about that, as long someone else has the aggro of the creatures and is able to manage to survive.

    Just at the Elementars it is a bit more difficult, since their instant stun aoe skills have a high range.

  • I wouldn't recommend making mobs faster otherwise when there is more than one you will quickly become crowded or unable to run away (especially with them knocking you down seconds after you get back up if you couldn't run away). Maybe they should get full HP when they are off screen or go back to their original position after a few seconds (as opposed to their slow natural health regen) or put a system into place where if someone is using magic the mobs switch into a more aggressive or less-leash-able mode. I'm not a game developer and I have no idea if any of this would cause problem or imbalance I just know that as a melee player, if I ever got knocked down I would either get knocked again the moment I got back up or at least be able to outrun the mobs so I can restore health which wouldn't be possible if they were even a little bit quicker.


    Maybe like rpgs each creature in the game should have a movement rating. Some will be slower than you and some faster.

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    @reyuqe said in Mobs Should not Leash?:

    ... or put a system into place where if someone is using magic the mobs switch into a more aggressive or less-leash-able mode....

    You can do the same thing with a bow so it's not limited to magic.


    I wouldn't bother too much with the leashing and general fighting stuff for now, because the mobs don't have any AI beside of faceaggro and follow till they leash. It will become different in the (near) future. 🙂

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