Fighting spiders in creeping woods


    Using a mage caster character I went after the 2 undead spiders. soloing them was not easy but doable. Several times I killed each of them as is correct and normal but then when the spider would get to 5% or very close to it the screen would freeze and eventually the spider and graphics would disappear then I would disappear and lock up. This happened 4 times in a row. There was an update so I tried it again. With other player I know in RL and in game the spider bugged out gain. The spider bugged out several times solo and with others again.

    I tried to move the spider away from trees or other items on the map to see if a specific tree or rock or plant was glitching the spider but it did not change the effect of the spider.
    This same issue took place with both undead spiders separately not together.

  • DymStudios - CEO

    @Silkenverse were other players with you having the same issue? This sounds more like a connectivity issue rather than something related to that monster specifically.


    @Prometheus i was in creeping woods for a good amount of time but never encountered that problem, might be because it was before the weekend

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