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    Hi, I just have a quick idea I want to spread.
    I am sure that everyone who reads these forums has played one of the tests, and have experienced the issues with finding a place to build their house. I would like to suggest a feature that automatically teleports you to an open plot, only use-able once, either in the beta/alpha now, or in the full version!

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    That's not a good thing for the full version to have. Might be handy for the tests though.


    @AfloatNeptune said in Plot Me System?:

    I am sure that everyone who reads these forums has played one of the tests, and have experienced the issues with finding a place to build their house.

    I have played in almost every test, but have not faced the issue with not finding a plot 👿

    As this issue only is present because of the open test, of which there probably won´t be any more coming soon?, I don´t think anything needs to be done.

    For possible upcoming open tests, or other big player increases like beta 2 and 1 I would guess additional continents / planets or the town system will be implemented by then, so that problem should not appear again.

    In case the problem does arise, your idea sounds great! 🙂

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    I did not have any issues finding a spot. Granted, it was a long trek, but they were there. There were plenty of other players giving locations of free spots. I found a huge area, and even traveled far into it to claim, with many neighboring parcels remaining open through the test (minus the last half day, I was unable to get on).

    An alternative I would suggest though - maybe having a world map toggle to show available parcels? Even maybe a toggle to highlight zones a certain shade or color depending on number of available plots (i.e. red has 0, blue has under 100, green has over 100). It does not ruin the whole "running to find your home experience if you were not there first," but does at least give you a direction to go that you know has available plots.

    Something else to consider, is that there is not a huge difference between environments currently (if any?). I assume different zones will eventually be overhauled with different looks (i.e. forest, desert, etc.). When that time comes, people are going to be more likely to select their preferred area, rather than picking up the first closest one as fast as they can. I have not looked at all of the upcoming plans for this game yet, but there was a mention of towns and the such. I think there will be many changes that could affect the current land claim system in coming updates.

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    Not sure where everyone having problems started, but I got in late and didn't have to travel far before finding a safe, open plot. Through the course of the test, there were still half a dozen plots open down where I was (not far southwest of the southern most starting point).

    Only reason I walked so far was because many of the open plots I came across were guarded by 6+ mobs which included 2+ wisps and I didn't feel like being stun locked while building my house.

    I do hope more starting points are added to make getting even further south possible since that is a looong trek even from the current southern most starting point.

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    I didn't have a problem finding a plot...but I also knew the spot I was looking for. I got on friday night. went all the way to the vale of shadow entrance. plots around there were open till the end of the test.

    Housing in the finished game will be much different since you can build anywhere in freezones- what are also full loot. or get lucky and get a claim area. what has it's own upkeep cost.

    Most people will live in towns for NPC guards/ item protection or claim plots for the same reason.

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