resonable frames but still getting delays in response.


    Living in NZ I am fairly used to reasonably high ping 120-250 on most US and EU based servers and frames typically 45-80: these usually have little or no real impact on games played at an intermediate skill levels I typically reach. During the stress test however, although I still had a similar moderate ping and frame, I experienced a significant increase in delay of the control dynamics that was totally unexpected. This caused a serious problem when mobs returned to an unconscious character and began paralyzing it again before I could ever recover and apply a bandage or move such that it became a repeat cycle of unconscious bouts until the character finally became so low it died. I am not sure if it was the balance of this specific cycle or the delay in effective response, but it was typical of the slow response during the rest of the game. I appreciate this is alpha, but wondered if it was just me or did other suffer such issues.

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