All abilities have chance to hit?

  • In some games I encountered skills that didn´t require hit chance to land (Guided arrow of Amazon, Bloody Pox in Grim dawn loooong time ago, some ground based aoe abilities). Will Fracture also have such things?

    Perception is (unlike rest of attributes) purely offensive ability and while it will probably be viable to go medium - low perception if i stact aim on abilities and equipment, it will probably be impossible to hit anything with PER 6 making the attribute quite mandatory (even for tanks as CC needs aim to land). Are you planning any kind of passive / ability, that would offer more hit chance for a price of lower crit chance (like Resolute technique in Path of Exile), because having like 4% to crit is probably not going to help much, while accuracy will always help?

    Some skills have guaranteed hit chance - skills from warfare for example. Will there be more - maybe something for casters?

  • Skillshots shouldn't have hit chance (and if I remember correctly, they didn't in the last test).

  • @Razvan Just checked wiki and you´re right about such skills as Firebolt, however I didn´t play much but if I remember correctly, skills like Fireball (which qualifies as skillshot) do hit, but opponent still has chance to negate half of damage (which is better than nothing, but still it´s huge drop in damage if one has no accuracy).

    Bow skills sure will be skillshots, but archers will max perception anyway (and dexterity as stated in wiki). I´d also say melee abilities and melee attacks can be considered skillshots, as enemy will hardly stand on place and with dex 6 and slow 2h weapon you will have to predict position of enemy to even land hit (unless you cc him to stand on place and eat your hit), even then one must have massive accuracy to reliably land most attacks. On the other hand non-skillshot ability like Bash cannot miss. So probably only ranged skillshots will have no or low saves, right?

    Also one huge factor affecting skillshots - L A G - 😕 Hopefully lags will be minimal, but full skillshot dude might be in some serious trouble even with momentary lag spike.

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