Dungeons that are time locked


    It would be cool to have dungeons that open only once a year (Game time) or maybe even shorter or limited to happen only if certain condition are met like having to kill a world type mob to kill

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    Was gonna tell you a story~ but rather just agree on this.

    Few dungeons that open during fullmoon's on leapyear days or w/e.
    They don't need broken items or anything. just cool little secrets for treasure hunters. possible cosmetics and titles.

    Some dungeons only opening when all enemys in a camp are killed or a number.
    World bosses all get killed within an hour a secret dungeon opens for an hour and has all the world bosses in a small room.

    small things like this can give both completion-est things to do for along time and hardcore guilds a challenge to face. some challenges are not ment to be beaten 😉


    considering game time one year is equal to our one month, that would mean a dungeon(s) that's open monthly.

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    ! month is a bit extreme, but long respawn times on bosses locked in some dungeon for which you had to do quests in order to get access wasn't uncommon 15 years ago. For example, https://forum.pmfun.com/viewtopic.php?p=61720



    it'd have to be 6 years game time to be 6 months our time if you want a bi-annual access.

    games are now doing seasonal content which is granted once a year for the duration. they could do something like that too.


    Aren't asteroids kind of doing just that? They are generated (opened) dynamically and then can close again. They might contain special items terrain, creatures, materials,... and they could very well determine their appearance on some events?


    Used to play a mmo that you had to kill a certain amount of mobs before the boss room opend that was cool


    SWTOR has something similar to this where it is events that happen only every so many months. They will last a weekend and then are gone again until the next random time they begin again. SWTOR has a really nice event system. The rewards are cosmetic in nature and sometimes change from event to event making them become collectibles.


    Dungeons that only open IF / when a community solves a certain hard riddle, by community effort!

    This riddles could be designed by devs, every certain amount of time period (not too often), and then when riddle is solved, dungeon is unlocked for a period of time.

    After this period expires dungeon will lock itself, and after certain amount time has passsed, devs could design another riddle, so community can try to unlock this dungeon again.

    What is a riddle? Well it could be a combination of tasks that need to be made, some of which could be announced, and some secret ones that people should first discover through exploration. Perhaps even some "brain stuff" through coordination with special NPCs, which would give you tasks and reward with some items in exchange that you could then need to find the use for...

    Much could be done here. And this could be event like, not happening too often, and a dynamic, since devs will always place in initial riddle, so internet will not help you. You will always need community effort to unlock a "dungeon" again.

    Dungeon - labyrinth, asteroid,...

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    While this is all awesome and I am behind it, this would be a feature lower on my personal "to-do" list for the devs to complete :p. If we are just talking in the long-run when the game is complete though ...

    Seasonal/periodic events have always been awesome to me. My thoughts on these - To happen less often, but have a longer duration. Currently with some games I am playing, I feel like I am trapped with HAVING to spend any game time I have participating in the events, because I really want what rewards they offer, but I have no time to do anything else in-game that I really want, or need, to accomplish. There have been times also where there have been event-after-event, so in like a 2-month period, any normal game progress was on hold because I felt obligated to participate in the multiple events. In conclusion - I would like it to feel like my time can be spent participating in the event, but also not feel like I can't make normal game progress during the event.

    Triggered events - I LOVE these sort of ideas. That is something that, to me, really brings a world to life. Not just going about and having simple find-and-destroy bosses, but ones where we have to do something to unlock. Completing some ritual by bringing certain items to an alter, having multiple people stand on certain glyphs on the ground to open a hidden passageway, etc. WoW has something similar with secrets where the communities have discovered and obtained special items, mounts, achievements, etc. by completing. These kinds of puzzles would be really cool to see.

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    @Jetah ... Not sure if you are just trolling or messing around, but I assume the OP is referring to a year in real-time, not game time :p.


    @Kesef said in Dungeons that are time locked:

    @Jetah ... Not sure if you are just trolling or messing around, but I assume the OP is referring to a year in real-time, not game time :p.

    OP said once a year (Game time) , so its probably game time



    what Xzoviac said.

  • @Razvan Or we would have to collect (and sell) Stones of Jordan to meet Uber daddy 🙂

  • Time or quest locked dungeons always have a bit more charm than usual ones. I prefer more "quest" like bring those 3 reagents into the pot or make the camp of orcs escalate ecc.. than just time gated entrances.


    Another really cool idea from another game, Ragnarok Online, included the creation of Godly Items..
    Those were a set of quests that should be done by 100+ people, in sequence, and each individual account could only do it once.

    At the end of everything, every Guild had a chance to create a super OP Item for themselves (which usually ended up with the guild leader though).


    Although I despise the idea of such powerful items being basically unobtainable by everyone, I really like the idea of those server-wide quests where you have to coordinate to complete, plus it is something that is always there but, because few people know about it, it is hardly finished.

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