I noticed that there was mention of merchants benefiting from the use of roads to transport their merchandise, but I don't recall any specific mention of what that merchandise might be; would it be resources? ie: ore, stone, timber etc. armor and weapons? alchemical/enchanting supplies? On a similar note, would the construction of buildings be done entirely by the player who would own that building? It seems that there is an opportunity to incorporate the construction of (and buying and selling of) building materials, furniture, decorations etc. into the other crafting skills (armor, weapons, potions etc.) so that, once again, a master warrior, returning from battle doesn't drop sword, pick up hammer and singlehandedly raise an elegant manor equipped with tasteful decor. Not that he couldn't, but rather that some people might prefer, particularly as has been mentioned in another of my discussions, that 'mini-games' which the fractured building process is not particularly, but still, are often considered long and boring. Allowing one player to construct the buildings, furniture etc. and another player to buy and sell them to a third would increase the feasibility of a non-combat character. One final point; it has been said that fractured has a player driven economy, meaning that items are not randomly spawned but made by players, does this mean there are no NPC merchants?

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