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    It was mentioned that the closest town to a mine would, to a large degree, control that mine, as the refinement of the ore could only be done in a town, and the less distance you have to travel with the ore the better. I am curious as to how the distribution of resources ie: mines, forests etc, would be managed. that's a little vague, so i'll clarify; will there be some towns that have mines nearby (will there be different types of mines? and if so will they be more or less random, or will certain types be in certain areas?), some towns near forests,( are there benefits to forests for lumber industry rather than random trees?, will trees grow back? will the grow rate be increased in forests?) some on plains, (will there be areas more beneficial than others for farming? will there be farming?) some near rivers (will there be river associated buildings, trades etc. ie: watermills, fishing, ferries, bridges, will bridges be predominately near towns and high population areas, or will bridges be just anywhere?) In conclusion, while it has been said that there are to be sieges and combat associated interactions between towns, will there be trade? will some towns be able to, if not monopolize, at least control trade of certain resources? will there be treaties/alliances between towns? will there be consequences to besieging a town? could a town become renowned for a particular resource/trade etc. ie: some towns with large armies, some towns grow lots of food, some have fine craftsmen, some towns have large markets etc.



    beautiful thing about sandbox games is political activities exist between groups.

    monopolies may exist.
    treaties may exist.
    trade will exist.
    alliances will exist.
    wars will exist (outside of invasions).

    that's on the human planet. unfortunately the fury planet wont have intra-pvp so most of that wont exist.

    as far as the rest of the stuff you listed. we actually dont know because crafting has been limited in communications between the developers and us. so we wait, hope it's what we want.


    I'm hoping resource locations are randomized on a timer/cooldown. It would also be nice if they were similar to SWG resources where each resource was not a static type such as valorite from UO but had randomized properties for crafting purposes. They properties were set by the spawn and may never repeat from location to location.

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