When is this going to BETA?


    Hello, I want to ask the comunity here. Is it worth buying this game? I mean (for the content it offers?) your honest opinion 🙂


    hello @Andemaru
    im here for 2 and a half year and i backed in the kickstarter kampaign.
    so obviously: yes i recommend this game.

    the vision for this game is huge and it could be the game i was searching for a long time.

    you can see what will come in the spotligthts
    you can find actual game footage on youtube and other streaming platforms.
    I witnessed the improvements over time and im confident in this team

    long story short
    i recommend this game 🙂


    if you're expecting to buy and start testing, then this isn't the game for you.

    test are happening when they want them.


    They occasioinally do open stress tests where anyone can join, even if they havn't payed. You could try to join one of those to try it out before you look at putting money towards it if u really feel it neccissary. I would personally recommend supporting it. For an alpha, the game is already starting to get fleshed out quite a bit 🙂 The Beta looks lioke it might be when they flesh out and introduce more enemies and equipment. Also, when they might finish fleshing out the graphics to make biomes look more diverse.

    They have enourmous plans for this game and lots to work on. We are all here, supporting them and helping test for them to both find bugs and provide feedback. If you feel you wanna be part of that, then YES!! Join in on the fun and help out the devs ^c^


    @Andemaru your question is all but impossible to answer.

    Since we are here on this forum our honest opinion is that 'the game is worth buying', but only you can answer that question. At this point also of note is that we haven't bought the game, we have backed the devs because we are intrigued by their vision and want to help make it reality.

    For myself, even though I have discovered that I really don't enjoy testing that much, I have thoroughly enjoyed watching the devs grow the game. I have never followed a game since so early in its development before and it has been quite instructive. I look forward to being able to play of course but have already received, in my opinion, more that my investment's worth of entertainment.


    I'm gonna ditto @Gibbx on all points and add that there's opportunity for anyone to win an alpha key sin dinero by posting screenshots of their social media mentions of this game.

    I have a beta-level buy-in but was able to try an early alpha this way. Unfortunately, one thing the devs learned from that test was how difficult it was for many players to get into the game universe on their previous client. So I spent my 'won' time waiting for the world to load and then starting over when it timed out :-P~~ but it's an important part of building a game, and that experience made the next test go much better.

    So, I'm not too impatient to get into an unfinished game but I'm totally into winning another try at helping them craft it.
    My perspective as a player most experienced in other sorts of games (builder/RTS) may be a demographic the devs want to attract, so I appreciate their willingness to listen to EVERYONE's input.

    🏆 💖 🏆 to @Prometheus & the gang! stay well, caros!


    @Andemaru said in When is this going to BETA?:

    Hello, I want to ask the comunity here. Is it worth buying this game? I mean (for the content it offers?) your honest opinion 🙂

    Ask yourself:

    1. Do you like old-school style RPGs (isometric perspective)?
    2. Do you like "sandbox-y" type MMOs where economy is driven by community?
    3. Do you like exploration based character progression?
    4. Do you like graphics style of Fractured MMO (check videos and screen shots)?
    5. Are you happy with just testing alpha / beta until the game release?

    If answers to above questions are mostly yes, then it's worth buying. 🙂
    There are several packs to chose home depending on how much you want to invest.

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