[FRAC-1788] Can't set permissions for chests


    As the co-owner of my friend's parcel, I could use and moove various items as the tanning tub, the milling stone and the workbench but the chests were untargetable, I couldn't place items in the enchanting table and I could cook at the fireplace but couldn't rest. My friend wasn't listed in the claim management. So we mooved to my land.

    As the co-owner, my friend could place items, use the fireplace (and rest) but he couldn't target the chests. This time, I wasn't listed in the claim management. So i decided to abandon the claim and reclaim it. I could abandon it and the items outside the building were deleted but not the building (not sure how it's suposed to work). I reclaimed the parcel and this time I appeared in the claim management but still, my friend can't open my chests nor I can't open his and i don't see the option to set permissions unlike others items.

    I have no idea if it's a bug but I thought we could set permissions for chests in this alpha so I posted this here.


    That probably wont be available as a feature till beta


    Same problem, we got stuck with a friend on; he, being a co-owner of a claim, cannot interact with any chests. Some people said that there has to be a "Gears" button on it, but seems we have it bugged, leaving screenshots with 2 different furnitures with, and withoun that button.

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    @Absolit @Ambush fixed in a220h, although some of the items made before the patch from blueprints placed by co-owner may have become completely unusable by the claim owner. We'll try to get them fixed retroactively in the next server patch, apologies for the issue.

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