I've Noticed something on Bug reporting.* How to Bug Report*


    Is there anyway we can make a sections for the types of bugs -

    QOL- Quality of Life bugs

    • Craft all/quantity
      Auto sort of Inventory

    MGI - Major Bug Issues

    • Aggro through house walls
      Shooting through house wall

    This would help create more of a simple forum filing system.

    I mean this is ALPHA not beta so the craft all is not a #1 issue honestly. But I can see the house wall being a bigger issue sooner. There are more issues of course but i think it would also not make a mess of the other things people are attempting to do here for communications.
    I honestly don't post much due to how much at times the forums turn into a cluster @#$% at times.


    I am agreeing.
    But i have concerns, if it would be better, when we would have more sections, since people keep to post in one. Some people might see their suggestions as major issue. Hard to set a good line there.

    What we could do is to write a kind of How-To-Post-Bugreports.
    We had such one written by someone in Pre, just don't remember who it was.
    But in general it was some Guideline how to write a good report and sort its importance by yourself 🙂


    The way I see it... the things you mention as "QOL bugs", which are not bugs but rather not yet implemeneted features imo belong in the already existing Thread "Discussion & Feedback".
    If we can already see that not being used, I doubt that creating even more sections would help.


    Maybe we should someone find away to better the already good situation than ? Move the posts to the correct sub area ?


    @Oxfurd poor Specter will have much more work then 😉

    If i watch the Forum, we have almost a very good report behaviour.
    I see here very seldom derails.

    I think such things can help to make it more sorted:

    • Before you post, think about, if it is really a bug or more a suggestion!
      • a bug is, if an actual feature is not working. Means, if the feature is not usable in the way it was announced.
      • a suggestion is, if you feel, there should be way more possibilities on a feature to make it to a really nice and godd feature.
    • Mark your post at the titel front!
      • there is no rule, how you mark it, because everyone has the own system. But mark it. That makes it easier for others to find your Report and add things to it.
      • Marker can be different kind, but it helps to decribe in the titel at least the feature that is affected, like: Blueprints, Building, Crafting, Movement, Fight, UI...
      • also it helps, if you define in your titel when you know it is an QOL/Suggestion/Question/Guide or whatever. Obvisiously you don't need to write "Bug" in your titel, if you write an Bug Report in the Bug Report Section 😉
    • Place in your report as precise description as possible. That does not mean you need to write novels, but a simple "Crafting a better armor is not possible." is not really enough, if you wanted to say, it does not work, because some materials are not ingame to do so. Write, what you did, when the problem hit you. Make Screenshots if possible.
    • last but not least, if you write down something, stay objective oriented.

    ...more to add 😄 ... who want to write some suggestions to the people who use the Alpha Test Forum? 😉


    i would add to please take into consideration to look up older bug reports if your bug is reported yet and if you have more details or info to add to it instead of making a new doublepost for the same stuff with the same infos 🙂


    @Shivashanti So are you saying take more effort to posting ? hmmmmp


    @Shivashanti said in I've Noticed something on Bug reporting.:

    look up older bug reports if your bug is reported yet and if you have more details or info to add to it instead of making a new doublepost for the same stuff with the same infos.

    Hmm i found the old thread about 🙂
    Let's copy my Search Help from there to here:

    I figured, some people don't know the advanced search in forum, it helps me a lot to find old Bug-Reports:



    You find the path to it at the searchfield in upper bar.
    Then Enter a String that you search, select with CTRL Bug Report Sections and hit the Search Button 🙂

    You also can save the Filter you was setting, so each time you enter the Search you will directly just search in Bug Reporting until you change it again.


    @Oxfurd time to change the Titel of your Thread to something like "How to Bug Reporting" 😂


    Done and Done ! @Kralith

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