LMB buggy: Movement vs Interactions


    I was told to post a bug report on the matter by Prom, but I would like to make the case that the bugs are consequences of a faulty design.

    First of all, the issue comes from the fact that both the movement and interaction inputs have the same input: LMB.

    A few bugs:

    • Left click on a heavy mat (log, rocks) will sometimes move instead of move + interaction (pick up mat).
    • The reverse is also buggy. Pick up mat, left click on a blueprint will move to the blueprint instead of move +
      interaction (place down mat).
    • The other bug (that I was asked to report) is when you just dropped a mat on a blueprint and want to get the next mat form your cart. You left click on the cart (hand cursor), open up the cart's inventory UI, select your mat, your character starts moving towards the cart and once arrived, the UI closes down and nothing else happens (as if the character just moved there).

    These occur very often, especially the first 2. The cart bug is rarer, but it still happens a lot if you're doing a lot of work (like building a house).

    These are clearly bugs, but also the result of a badly design input system where 2 different actions are bound to the same input.

    • Moving on a floor blueprint is almost impossible.
      The movement is always replaced by interaction, which means you can't move on a floor blueprint. You need to hold left click to move and this leads to weird running animations (if you are pulling a cart) and other weird stuff.

    Sure, this could be considered a bug, but this is evidence of the design flaw.

    • Kitting and running is clunky.
      Combat removes interactions from the left click (making it move-only). This is somewhat annoying (sometimes you do want to interact, especially if combat seems over, but the system doesn't recognize it yet). But sometimes you kite or run away without being in combat.
      The combat interaction restriction is more evidence of a design flaw. You don't want to stop chopping a tree in combat. Well, I don't want to stop chopping a tree when I'm running either.

    • Major bug: You can get stuck with mat in hands when attacked by a creature.
      It only happened once so far, but I was moving heavy mat when I was attacked by a wolf. I couldn't interact with anything and couldn't drop the mat. I also couldn't use combat skills because I was carry a rock. I was left to die.


    I could go on and on with the strange left click behaviors, but I have limited memory. Point is, it would be so much better if movement and interactions were using separate input. It leads to many bugs and tons of annoying behaviors.

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