[A2.2.0h] Can no longer move items around in Rustic 5x5 House


    Another thing I noted as of the last patch, I can no longer relocate items within my house. Clicking the option to Move an item results in nothing happening.

    Items outside the house will still work, however, I can no longer place them against the walls of the house (comes back with red overlay, aka you can't do that).

  • DymStudios - CEO

    Hi @Amabrar, are you sure you could do all of this before the patch?



    Yes, I am fairly sure I moved furniture around the home without problem on Day 1 of the Alpha. Specifically remember moving the Fireplace. I hadn't really tried again after that since everything was where I wanted it.

    Tried again after 2.2.0h because I wanted to move the bed, and because of the issue with the chests. That is when I noticed the issue.

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