A2.2.0 Healing Paste+Magic Missile animation+Chest+Fireplace


    I cant use the healing paste at all. Tryed "equiping it" on the action hotkeys bar, couldn't. tryied right clicking it from inventory and nothing. Am I doing it wrong or this a bug?

    On the MM
    Today whenever @Oxfurd used the fireball ability, if I used Magic missile on the mob, when the purple missile animation entered the Fireballs Flame/Cloud animation, they would get visualy messed up. I couldn`t Screen shot but I'll do my best to use photoshop to try and recreate what I saw.


    it was something very close to the image above and the white square would follow the missile like a tracker on it's trajectory. As if the cloud was revealing something from the "back end" I wasn't suposed to be vizualyzing. A glitch.


    The only chest I use is one on a house I'm a Co-owner. Every time I try to open it, the chest window pop up and instantly closes then I press use on it again and only on the second time the chest window stay open.


    there's also a fireplace in the house and It's the only "tool" of the house I can't use. When I hover the mouse above it the cursor changes to the hand but the rest/cook options don't show up. When I click to use it nothing happens. My friend has given me access to it but it won't work.

    a couple of days ago before the patches implemented I could actually lay dow but nothing else happened just the lay down animation. once a funny glitch happened in which I would move lying down, I couldn't get back up so I loogged out and back in.

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