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    Was doing a bit of wiki editing and wondered if we might want to have any wiki wizards upgrade the infobox for items? There is one upgrade I think is important, and one that might prove helpful later.

    Both ideas come from the Forgotten Realms Fandom wiki and can be easily seen on the page talking about Lich's.

    At the top of the info box is a graphical tab structure that lets you choose a Dungeons & Dragons edition (1e, 2e...) and change the display picture to one from that edition of the game. Under the graphic representation is another tab section to select the different editions, and provides quick stats of the creature for that edition.

    That in short is what I think we could use. Currently this would work for example on the Scholar Clothes page. While currently all forms of Scholar Clothes use the same icon, that might not be true at release or after a expansion to the game.

    But then we get to the item information, and that's where this suggestion might have merit. Instead of using wiki text, tables or the like, the info box could provide a means for changing the information.

    [Linen Weave]
    Light Armour
    Linen Weave
    Magic Affinity 7 / 7
    Slash Armour +16
    Pierce Armour +8
    Crush Armour +39
    Weight 1kg

    [Spider Silk Cloth]
    Light Armour
    Spider Silk Cloth
    Evasion +24
    Durability +50%
    Magic Affinity 7 / 7
    Slash Armour +16
    Pierce Armour +8
    Crush Armour +39

    I guess there is one problem with this, if the game doesn't change the icons for the possible Scholar Clothes, or for those wanting to compare between the different materials at a glance, this wouldn't be fully easy to do so. That and I have no idea how to bring the changes of the Creatures template to the wiki, of if other would think this would be useful for us.


    different items should have different pages so item popups can be used.

    example of wowwiki scroll down to the specialization and hover over the spells and you'll see a popup for each spell. now that popup can be added to any place where that spell is mentioned. the same can be done for every piece of gear. it's great for guides so the author doesn't have to mention each spell/item as the popup helps.


    I humbly suggest you are thinking about this problem in the wrong way. Assuming we create a page for each item, and then create a page to pull and present that information on, for the Scholar Set of Armour alone is 64 pages to be created when there are only 4 actual different items.

    The reason I suggest to you that your way of thinking about this problem is flawed is because unlike WoW, Fractured doesn't use a levelling system in any way. And at each level in WoW, they force you to use completely different items for items of a similar nature. To upgrade one item, you need completely different items and a different "pattern".

    Lets use WoW's item Linen Bag as an example. To make a Linen Bag, you require two components that do not change and always produce the same outcome when crafted together to make the Linen Bag. To make a higher level bag type, you need a different recipe. You can't use say for example Mythweave and another item, to upgrade the Linen Bag.

    Fractured doesn't do this, instead, it says something like, "I require any type of Cloth, and of that cloth type, I require 5 units of it," but it doesn't dictate or change the item you create, it does enchant the item based on the material used however, but its still the same item. In the table below, all Scholar Clothes have the same stats on the lines before it is separated out into different types of cloth. This works well for Scholar Clothes for the moment.

    alt text

    But might fully fail when you look at Ragged Clothes and think what could be possible for the game in three years time from now.

    Because of this, I've convinced myself that the use of the InfoBox isn't the best place for this information. If we want to display this information, I wonder how to display it. The use of Categories for example comes to mind "Resource: Cloth" for example.

    In three years time, the base template for Ragged Clothes could be - 5 {Resource: Cloth}, 2 Linen Thread, 2 {Resource: Rope}.

    During this time we have also seen the following additions to the game, five different types of Rope and nine types of Cloth. This one item, will have (if I do math right) 9 [Cloths] * 5 [Ropes] = 45 different combinations! Presenting all those combinations is perhaps not the right thing to present.

    I wonder then, if something like a item builder is possible. It pulls the materials you can use
    {Resource: Cloth} - {Resource: Rope} - {Item: Linen Thread}
    And when selected in some way, outputs the results.

    Lets give the builder the following answers. {Resource: Cloth - Spider Silk Cloth} - {Resource: Rope - Spider Silk Rope} - {Item: Linen Thread}

    On the Spider Silk Cloth page, a template tells the wiki that "Cloth" materials are possible and that when an item made from Spider Silk Cloth it has the following enchantments "Evasion +24, Durability +50%"
    Spider Silk Rope says it provides "Evasion +2, Durability + 1%
    Linen Thread still doesn't provide an enchantment.

    The Ragged Cloth path itself provides "Base enchantments", and that another template updates to merge all this data and presents the final outcomes (or base outcomes if "character skill" changes the numbers.)

    Thou its past 3am and I likely don't make any sense.

  • Wiki Editor

    I think you're worrying about something that may not ever happen. Currently the only items like this are armor with each having 3 variations.

    I modified the Scholar Clothes page to account for this information using the same layout items already present. If at some point an item can use 4 variations of 3 different items then maybe it's time to rethink - until that point building complex items into the wiki seems premature since we have no idea what that future looks like.

    If the game does eventually have a different look for these items based on materials used, we can make a "variations" table with each variation of "Scholar Clothes" since they're all the same base item.

    Unfortunately I haven't had a ton of time lately to do anything with the wiki due to work so I definitely appreciate others stepping in to help. Usually no one makes it past one test cycle once they realize how much work it is 🙂

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