Small list of bugs (skill/gear related)


    • the movementspeed buff of enrage is sometimes lost (reproducable to some degree, i think it could be something with server borders or similar) and i don't think we get a incoming debuff like stated in the tooltip (pretty hard to get behind without combat log ingame)

    • Debuff of both totems don't fade away but renew if the totem is killed (the area of the totems (fire debuff and poison void) stays activated)

    • the totems hurt when i am flagged for pvp but the caster isn't flagged

    • the animal heads aren't adding to stats (at least in the character sheet)

    • the mage staff has a dmg increase enchantment, but it adds melee dmg

    thats some of the bigger bugs (skill and gear related) i've found, will add some after my next bughunting session 🙂

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