How is bow build viable? seems underwhelming...


    I tried magic build which is great and very diverse in skills and utility... wondering about bow, thief and poison.

    Is anyone playing this type of character?? how to make it viable or does bow damage need a bump??

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    Hi @Azurael! Bow damage is actually pretty high, and you don't need mana to keep attacking, so I'm wondering... have you tried it with the Gladiator background (or even better, a 18 DEX 18 PER character) or with your mage character? Because if it's the latter, it's obviously not going to be great 🙂

    On a side note: level 4-6 poisons and non-primitive weapons are missing, don't forget that 🙂


    Makes sense, I did start a new char but maybe my stats were incorrectly placed... will attempt another as you said.



    @Prometheus does bow damage stat off or PER? it's hard to tell how its' damage goes up looking at stats, as there is no mention of bows in the character creation. Perhaps there should be a tip put into it in future updates? I got my str to 15 this test in case bow damage statted off of that, but it doesn't seem to have helped.

    I have been trying to do a bow build from the get-go in this game, but the lack of info does make it difficult. I havn't read up much on the news, because i like to discover things for myself instead of be spoiled for info and not have the excitement of discovery, so it is probably my fault... BUT, when the game is eventually released as open beta or a full game, New players with no background knowledge (like I, in effect would be testing as) NEED to be able to find out how they need their build on their own through wit and the descriptions of the different stats before them.

    To add to this, my suggestion would be to add some kind of 'advanced descriptions' to the game. Have the basic description of everything that u do now, but then an extra button to open up more detailed notes on EXACTLY what each stat does for you in-game. Of course, this probably can't be done until all the stats are fleshed out completely and are exactly what u guys want, but I hope to see it implemented ^c^

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