Suggestion: Force standstill keybind option

  • I know that there is currently no keybinding and it's probably not very high on the priority list, but I figured I would make a post about it anyways because I considered it a huge QoL improvement in arpgs.

    In Diablo, for example, they had such an option... where you could keybind for your character to stand still and then it would automatically cast whatever basic attack/spell that was assigned to left click. What this meant for me was that I could now just hold left click all the time when moving around in combat. Whenever I wanted to cast my most basic spell I would no longer have to let go of left click, just press whatever button I assigned to standstill and then the instant my character is available to move again after completing the cast he is already moving as soon as I let go of the standstill key.

    For melee skills this was relatively useless in my experience, but for casters and other ranged attackers I found it made combat WAY more smooth and like I said before a huge quality of life improvement.

  • TF#3 - ENVOY

    Right click provides that functionality, granted it's not as seamless as stutter stepping with LMB and spamming shift to stop/go, but it's an option to attack to the direction of your cursor without moving.

  • Exactly, seamless, smooth.. it just feels great doing it that way.

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