Mele combat need and improvement to hit targents in movement


    One of the things i must say that is the worst part in the game is mele combat, swings and special atacks must be with more "range or AoE" because in PvP or In PvE with people runing all time is almost imposible atack and hit some one. I think weapons must have a "range" to do a more distance swings, and give some stat that increase "range" of mele weapons. Like in Path of Exile that mele weapons have his own range and u can also increase it with pasive points.... to give meles some chance to kill people running around

  • @Eigus or at least like in DII with ranges 1-5


    @Eigus Glad I'm not the only one having trouble with melee. The 3d UI isn't familiar for me at all - I've mostly done builder games and RTS - so I got knocked down a LOT before I figured out how the hot keys worked 🤣 😵

    Now I do a little better, but I still get killed regularly. Not giving up! Gonna get those goblins one day! #learningcurve


    I personally havn't tried melee combat yet, other then the spear in alpha 1-2 where i didn't have much issues with it. Perhaps the different types of melee weapons have different ranges? I dunno. I agree that u can't just have a base range of one. Having a low base range could be useful though for player mechanics in fights however. For example, in a PvP fight, you might have an opponent that likes to run in and out of their target for cooldowns on skills or something. You could counter it by swapping to a bow while they aren't in melee range or a staff to cast magic or curses. Your character might not be built towards such things, but if u r quick enough, any debuff or stab with dmg on your opponent when you couldnt have otherwise would still give u an edge 🙂

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