[FRAC-1865] 4x4 L w/ patio displays final two doors in wrong sequence, causing lockout


    When building a 4x4 L w/ patio, the last step is to build the doors.

    There are two bugs with this:

    1. There are no actual resources required to build the doors, instead an image of a dagger is displayed and you simply have to click the build (anvil) icon to complete them. This should require wood like other layouts do.

    2. There are two doors for this layout, the outer door and an inner door which opens to the patio. If a player completes the outer door first, it is closed and can't be interacted with. Player is effectively locked out from their home until they die and respawn on the patio.

    It's probably worth noting that the workaround for this bug currently is simply dying and then completing the door. But this only works because the doors don't currently require wood to complete construction. 🙂

  • Community Manager

    Fixed in va2.2.1d

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