Sorry for not being Present


    Sorry for not being Present in the forums or on stream for Fractured Content. Work has been a struggle and we have has some major cut backs. I being a manager needed to be heavily involved.
    If there is anything you'd like me to cover in some youtube content i would love to do so.

    Hope everyone is safe ! Can't wait to see you in the next update.


    @Oxfurd cross my fingers for you, that it will normalize again at some point.

    Stay safe and healthy.

    And you can be sure, we will have fun in next phase.
    We will have to build soooo many houses! 🙂


    Hi @Oxfurd
    uh-oh! I'm sorry to hear about cut-backs! Given the pandemic, I think it's miraculous how much y'all have been doing despite the challenges. The alpha test seems to be a huge success, with lots of folks enjoying new capabilities! Congrats and KUDOS to all involved.

    One thing that would be really helpful and (I'm sure) popular is a short vid about how the pandemic has impacted development. Transparency is always a major win for a brand during challenging times, since it's unexpected by 'consumers' used to pr spin and 'image massaging'.

    Have you had to cut staff? How, if at all, has the projected timeline for full launch been adjusted? Are there pieces that can be done by the 'investor community' you've gathered? Inquiring minds want to know! This would be a perfect vid to send to the email list - not for the public page but for those who already have skin in the game.

    Salud y Solidaridad from Tacoma WA! 🖖

  • Community Manager

    @PeachMcD Oxfurd isn't an employee of Dynamight. 😉 He's a content creator and I assume he's referring to his real life job. Just wanted to clear that up before people get the wrong idea.


    Keep your chin up and do what you can.

    You have been a great ambassador for the game.

  • I would love to see an updated skill video on youtube and general knowledge system explained/updated just for people who still gotta work and aint got time for the early access- i would love to see a video of the devs presenting their outline for how the endurance bar and hp bar are going to work in tandem and in general their image for how a group fight will happen in regards to pvp i am aware that it is a work in progress but it is a newish concept especially when it comes to the attribute gains i.e strength is endurance and melee damage constitution is life but life isnt really HP as we know it and it both intrigues me and worries me lol and if you could clear some of that up in a chat with the devs or nudge them i would ❤ you even more 😛 hope all is well m8 i really appreciate you covering the game whenever i get curious about fractured i go to oxfurd 😛


    This is a marathon, not a sprint. Conserve yourself and keep your house in order. There's plenty of time to re-engage later.


    Thanks All for the kind words.

    As stated am not employed with the team. I am a content creator and a (ok one) at that, lol.
    I will be looking into getting more info out there on the systems as they progress more with content. I do enjoy the game a ton and plan on making a lot more content. IF there is something you'd like to see a deep dive ( content willing ) i would love to do it. It's a great distraction on the life we are all in right now.

    In closing , there should be more coming out.

    Always making something,


    No worries dude take your time.

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