[FRAC-1897] Mobs blocked by some fences but not others.


    I'm using a.2.2.1d on Windows 10 at time of writing.

    I have a house at -1539W -933 N. It is a Rustic 2x2 Patio.

    In a.2.2.1c I had an issue placing fences outdoors (fixed). I was able to place fences in some outdoor locations, but not in others.

    As of a.2.2.1d that issue seems to be fixed. I've filled in everywhere that was missing a fence, it's looking good.But I've noticed something odd.

    In a.2.2.1b and a.2.2.1c, mobs were running through all my structures. Seemed to be a known issue so I didn't want to reproduce.

    But as of a.2.2.1d, the mobs are pathing around the fences I placed in a.2.2.1c, but they are passing through the fences I placed today as part of the a.2.2.1d update.

    My player character paths around both sets of fences, but the mobs only respect the old ones, not the new ones.

    Interesting variation. Not sure if it's important or interesting, logging it just in case. 🙂

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