Suggestion: Holding down left click ignores interactables


    Left click is both move and interact, which is a problem when you're surrounded by interactables but want to move.

    There is no reason to hold down left click for an interactable, but every reason to hold it down to move. Therefore, I suggest that if the player holds down left-click while mousing over an interactable, the interaction cancels or the context menu closes and the character moves accordingly.


    As far as I recall, during one of the last Q&As Prometheus mentioned that we'd get different modes of interaction, so that might help quite a bit as well and is possibly the time when they are going to really revisit work on the interface.


    We currently have a combat mode and a normal mode where in combat mode you can´t interact with the environment, only with monsters and players and such.

    Currently the combat mode auto activates when a player takes damage (or something like that), but since that does not really work perfectly they said in the Q&A they will bind the switch to a hotkey so the player can change between combat / normal mode anytime they want.


    Personally, I would do it like this:

    • left mouse click is ONLY for moving around, and nothing else, it clicks through interactables and only clicks on ground and only moves your character around (the only exception being if you click on skill on skill bar, or items in your bag of course, or some in game menu, in which case you activate skills, or move items around if bag is open)

    • right mouse click (if you click on enemy) it activates basic attack

    • right mouse click (if you click on interactable) it opens interactable menu, and then you can left click on menu item

    • middle mouse click for something

    Being able to reconfigure EVERYTHING in keybindings menu (yes ALL mouse buttons too), people nowdays have mice with more than 2 buttons, lets allow use of those buttons too 🙂 and make people able to change what left and right mouse buttons do as well, if they want to.

    Personally I would like to be able to ignore "combat mode" / "normal mode" command differences, and just set everything to always respond the same controls in keybinds menu, regardless if I'm in combat or no.

    How? Have keybind section be able to change everything (even left / right mouse button operation), and have keybinding section for combat state and keybind section for normal state and then player can have different keybinds for either one, or same keyinds for both (which i would personally set up myself).


    I'm glad to hear Prometheus has already acknowledged the need for a change here.

    Not sure what the best fix is. But it's annoying when you go to make a ranged attack against an enemy that moves behind a tree, only to start shooting the base of the tree instead of where the mouse is pointed.

    For me it's an in-combat / out-of-combat thing, but I'm sure there's more dimensions to it too that I'm not seeing.

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