Trail of the Unbuilt Carts!


    Someone in game told me yesterday was the last day of this test, so it may not be there when I'm able to log in later. I'm just glad it lasted long enough for me to find the Trail of the Unbuilt Carts and leave an offering. 😆 🤣

    At first, I wasn't sure what I had stumbled into... then I realized it was the manifestation of a collective SENSE OF HUMOR! Our community may not always display it in the forum but...

    Hallelujah! I really needed that.


    This alpha was peppered with unbuilt things. Carts and those logs you use to make pelts into usable skins were the most common for me


    The worst was, when someon placed his Cart in middle of your Property and you can't build anything there, since you can't pull the Cart, because you have no rights to use it.


    @FibS - but when I was heading down toward the Vale of Shadows from the Spine, I came upon a section of trail that was LINED with unbuilt carts. At first I thought it was someone who was trying to figure something out. Then I realized that, however it had begun, it was now a place where everyone who passed by was leaving one or two along the side of the trail. It went on for quite some ways! Cracked me all the way up, so of course I had to leave my own 'offering' to the godlets of unbuilt things.



    I wonder if this causes any server issues on the Spatial OS side, and if so whether or not Dynamite saw it coming as a use case. 🤣

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