Other Accessory Ideas


    G'Day Folks.

    Just a few more idea's of items/things that I would like to see in game.

    Saddlebags to increase carrying capacity for horses.
    Mules which can carry more weight than horses.
    City Building: Library/Mage/Scribe Tower.
    Apothecary/Healing Building/Herbs/Medicine.
    Teleport Station: Building to go from major town to major town in your realm/sphere of influence.
    Ultra Rare Metals: Found deep deep in the mountains. Mithral and other exotic ores to be discovered.
    Guild Heraldry: On cloaks, shields, armor chest plates, center of garden in towns, banners, so forth.
    Telescope: For seeing enemies at a far distance.
    Magical Gems which can be inputted into city wall defenses which are enchanted with various effects.
    Cannons, Ballistas, Trebuchet's and other ranged siege equipment which can be placed on governor city walls and towers
    and even on personal governor owned castle blueprints.

    These are just a few ideas for the week.

    Cheers Folks.


    Some great ideas there Vyr, especially like the Guild heraldry and saddlebags.


    I agree with everything, besides giving even more bonuses to governors.

    They will have more benefits than they should already anyway. 😄

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