Last problem found and two feature requests


    Hello all.
    Down to brass tacks.
    Enchanting problem found:

    Could not get the 7th enchantment to take. Kept getting 'enchantment failed' or 'this item can no longer be enchanted.

    Feature requests: (As a future crafter.)

    Bank vault access from home for home owners. maybe a safe that could give us access. This would make it less annoying to have a home across the map.

    Chest feature: make chest contents publicly viewable; so that potential customers can review your items, but not be able to just take them.

    Thank you for your time,
    Rhaven Volf

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    Was playing during last hours and finally died and revived at home for the first time. I was stuck in a pillar and loging out and in did not fix the issue. I moved the furniture and logged as well, still no go. Am forever stuck and have not seen any chatting in game for last two days. No one answered my calls during theses times or maybe i couldn't see any replies either. Who knows.
    Layout of a 5 x 5 L home.

    Thank you for your time,
    Rhaven Volf


    @Rhaven Great screenshot! 😂 😂 😂 but what a horrible fate!
    Hoping @Specter or one of the devs will set Zinora free and give you a little something for your trouble, and for reporting a bug that is definitely a buzzkill they'll want to fix. 🎁 💝

  • @Rhaven It's a sign that you should name your character Jeanne d'Arc from now on.

  • Community Manager

    @PeachMcD The test has ended so there's not much to unstuck at this point. @Rhaven Next time you're stuck, please message me on the forum, Discord or tag me in a thread.


    @Rhaven Dam, that must have felt like being in jail lol

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