Angel's and Other Race Idea's.


    Questions about Angels. Perhaps some "idea's" as well?

    I would think that Angels would get a movement speed bonus... of sorts?.. in the way of "Gliding" to targets. I think this is a 'given' but obviously not sure as it is up to the game makers.

    Perhaps an unlock-able ability as well for Angels would be to "Fast Travel" from port to port or continent to continent?

    Perhaps Angels also take 'extra' damage from fire since they have Wing and have forsaken their demonic heritage?

    Are Angel feathers a rare craftable ingredient component? used in recipes? perhaps slain in battle you can loot some feathers so you can later use some feathers in magical items you create or potions you would make/mix?

    Or if you want to get 'extra grim' about it? perhaps allow demons to skin/chop up human bodies for body parts? they use them in stews/potions or whatever for demonic potion buffs? I know it's pretty gross but it does fit into this storyline/theme.

    Perhaps the ears of a weretiger? beastman? maybe make it so all races have components built into them which makes us all fair game for each other for magical component parts?


    Humans: a Human Femur Bone
    Liches: The Skull Of A Lich.


    Bearkin: A Bearkin Claw
    Tigerkin: Ears of The TigerKin
    Wolfkin: The Pelt of a WolfKin.
    Hartkin: The Horns of a HartKin.


    Vampire: The Teeth Of A Vampire
    ShadowDemon: Dark Residue Of A ShadowDemon
    HellfireDemon: Hooves Of A Hellfire Demon


    Liches: A Skull of a Lich
    Angels: Feathers off their Wings.
    Abomonations: A Mutated Organ from an Abomonation.

    This could become something for a future expansion of course as they are working on the core game but I thought it would 'add' levels of benefit to the PvP sector and also add to the crafting and PvM sector all in one/combined. It will encourage others to branch out their fields to get more/better gear later on.

    Perhaps even to add insult to injury make it so some of the items work like this.

    Skull of the lich? gets transformed into a helmet. You click on the helmet to examine it and it says it's for example:

    Helmet of the Undying Lord.
    Stats: +5 Int
    +15 Mana Gain
    +30 Magical Resist
    and underneath a caption......

    "Once the Head of Vyr Vandalous The Lich whom had Fallen In Battle"

    Or something like that. >=)


    thinking further..

    This would also add to another level of the raise dead spell.

    so let's say raise dead is level 6 spell? then the next raise dead level spell would be
    called "Regenerative Raise Dead"

    so.... ?...

    A player kills you but walks away leaving your corpse undefiled? no problem. You use raise dead spell.

    A player kills you and does defile your body? By taking a body part from you?.. You use Regenerative Raise Dead

    A small message appears as your body rises to the land of the living once more. "Although your body has been defiled.. the energies have recovered your "Enter here/Claws, Head, Organ, whatever" once more so you may rise once again!"

    It would need to be shorter. Maybe? "You regenerate to live again" which would mean.. you had been cut apart for components but the magic of the gods/of the realm has reformed those missing parts so you may continue on.

    Or.. If raise dead spell or enhanced raise dead spell are not going to ever be viable mechanics then make it so it takes longer to 'get up again' after dying with a small message attached as you raise to your feet. Mind you there is also risk because the player taking the body parts off of you will need to spend that extra time on your body doing the deed which will also make him more vulnerable to attack so there is an upside and downside to it all.

    I personally think this is a great idea. PvP has so few rewards in it as it is.

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    Yeah this sounds fun but the system would only work if the retrieved ingridients were of a very low tier: this still helps pk'ers make more profit from ingaging in pvp which surely drains their wallet on supplies and at the same time prevents people from farming these resources for income.

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