Goblin Hill and Vale of Shadows as tutorial locations?


    After doing the normal make bread, clothes, and weapons quests as part of the tutorial it sends you to the middle of Heartwood, middle of Goblin Hill, and middle of Vale of Shadows. I understand the desire to introduce areas to the players for where to kill and get more skills and I agree with Heartwood as being a good area to send people to get used to the combat and how to survive within the game on a PvE aspect. However Goblin Hill and Vale of Shadows are a magnitude harder to deal with than Heartwood and sending new players to the middle of those areas is setting the majority of them up for suicide runs and potentially turning them away from the game completely.

    I would suggest instead of having new players having to try to get to Goblin Hills and Vale of Shadow that you just direct them to Heartwood and then have a note mentioning Goblin Hills and Vale of Shadow as other places the player can go if they are looking for more of a challenge. Let it be the player's choice instead of making it a quest requirement.

  • @Cabby I believe it says immediately under that "quest" that it is a placeholder quest and not actually intended for "the tutorial".

    Personally, I took that to mean "Alpha caveat - we don't have the content for this part yet, so we're giving you some places to check out while we continue cranking code".... but I can see how it might be mistaken for a final state item.

    I went to Heartwood, promptly got my hiney handed to me by a wisp, and forsook my corpse for inability to get it without further death/loss. (Solo player because forcusing on NPE.)

    I went to goblins and worked up my knowledge on them and the wolves nearby for that sweet bleed attack. And materials.

    Then, back to town for hide armor (Oh yeahhhhh) and then back to the gobbies for small grind fest to afford buying land so I can experience the transition out of NPE (when the Nheedra are available).

    For now, I'm actually focusing on trying to break the NPE quests through a variety of 'misuse cases'. So far, remarkably tight.... but there is an issue with dupes that I'm trying to recreate, so eh....

    Anyway... I appreciate seeing the perspective of other players and you really did a good job of outlining your view. Great read and thank you for that. 🙂

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