Names seems blurred beyond reading while moving

  • I was having issues reading peoples names if I was moving or if they were moving. I tried tweaking a few settings but no go. Not sure if its just me. Running through an area with a bunch of people makes locating a person tough unless you stop and look around, move to the next area, stop and look around again. Also makes identifying anyone running by you difficult. Not game ruining but a quality of life thing. Enjoying the game, thanks for all the hard work!



    Lots of QoL stuff to work on, that's for sure. Balancing rolling out new segments of the game like cities with eliminating annoyances is a tough thing, but @Prometheus & the devs will definitely need to put some energy into that - maybe during the A2.T3 if the cities aren't too buggy?

    I keep having a 'your position' pop-up that just hangs there until I log out >.< I can work around it, like you can work around the blur of others' names, but neither should be something anyone needs to deal with for much longer.

    Lots of QoL suggestions from the last test that would be easy fixes didn't happen for this stress test, but we can hope some of them will happen for the June A2.T3.🤞 🙏 🤞 🙏

    Some of that balance will be decisions around what QoL changes are strictly improvements and which are getting rid of gamer-irritating inadvertancies like @Jestyr24's and mine

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