Feedback and considerations [in progress]


    I am starting a new topic in order to write down feedback or considerations that I will find while I am playing.
    Since the last time I wrote a post after the test, and I forgot many little things, this time I will try to create a post during the test! I will add feedback or random thoughts as soon as I have them in mind - so probably 99% of the things I will write are useless and already written by other users 😛 But I want to track them anyway.

    Feel free to add your comments or add your feedback in this post!


    • During the house building, I miss the old stucked cart! The cart is not stucking anymore, but while building it is difficult to move the cart inside the house - because if you click with the mouse on the house it will not move it but select the house. I don't know how it is supposed to work but it is a bit confusing.
      Please note this seems to only happen when the floor is under construction.

    • Another little issue on house building and about logs and stone blocks gathering: most of the times clicking on the stone block to gather is not enough and you need to click multiple times to pick it up - it works better with the wood logs that usually works with one click. Usually one click will bring your character near it but will not pick it up.
      Also while building house, if you pick the log up and click once on the spot where you need to place it, your character will not place it until you click another time on it. I think it should work with one click.
      I notice that it works with one click only if you are already in the correct position next to the item to place

    • Found a little bug with the cart that appears next to my character even if I am not carrying one. It is a really huge tail!
      UPDATE: I also notice that if I press "Q" really fast it drops a "ghost" version of the cart. But this may be related to a high latency in one moment since it happened only once to me.

    Random considerations

    • I was wondering if there were any chest in the goblin fort. It will be really nice to have some random chest - for example near the goblin chief - to find while you are exploring.

    • I notice that this might be a problem that only I have, but it will be nice to have a "target" section where you can see some information of the target you are pointing to. I know that a "tab targeting" is not suggested since the target is pointed with the mouse, but I think that a section where you can see the name of the monster (when you know it!) and his health bar can help. Even without the numeric values/percentage of health, just it.
      This will help me to recognize which goblin I am hitting!
      (This may include also items that you can loot or interact with. I will suggest also a little highlight of items you can interact with.)

    • About the map: I see a lot of improvements! I wonder if it will be possible to have custom pins to place in the map and if we will have pins on what we will discover and the cities. At the moment I have no track of where the city are, and I already saw the goblin fort (for example) even before I explored the goblin hills.
      UPDATE: also mark of the dead body will be appreciated!

    • Can we drop logs and rocks with the same button (Q) we use to dismiss cart?

    • To be more clear, I think that the crafting warning in chat should have a different fore color and not white like the normal chat


    It would be nice to have your dead body marked on the map so you can find it again. If not you just gotta to remember to look at where you are before releasing.

    Someone in the house unplugged my internet but it turned out to be good! When i got DC'ed i could see all the available mobs listed in my Book of Knowledge. This spoils everything the game has. I know people will tr and data mine to find things but this just seems way too easy.

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