[FRAC-1967] Craft all shows wrong quantity if no item can be crafted.

  • When you do not have sufficent material to craft the selected product, the craft all button still shows (1) as quantity.

  • I found another UI bug regarding this issue. You can produce a wrong number by doing the following:

    • Go to a fireplace and choose "cooking / crafting" (not resting)
    • Select the first entry in the left menu
    • Click on a crafting item like "ashes"
    • Click on the second entry in the left menu
    • The whole ui swichtes to "roasted bear meat" but the number in the "craft all" segment stays the number of max ashes you could produce
    • When you now click on craft all, it crafts the correct quantity

    This only produce a wrong number for the first item in one of the lists

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