More of a Suggestion/rant to the streamers of Fractured


    Communicate with the community in your chat ffs. Otherwise just upload a video to youtube. 3 people are streaming the game, and none of them seem to communicate with the viewers at all. I want to buy, but I dont know if the lag I am seeing is the guys trash pc or an unstable alpha? You streamers are doing more harm than help, if your not willing to communicate. Just my feedback.


    now only 2 streamers, one who is account sharing on stream, and utterly down talking its development and another streamer who is running the game at like 5 fps, and I cant tell if its the guys game or the guys pc, since he looks to be as old as Santa lol Also he doesnt answer chat. So the streamers atm are doing a stand up job at not representing the game


    I have to agree with you. The one streamer talks about every other game he has played under the sun as well as every aspect about his life . and then the other streamer just has a really bad computer and a horrible mic. But i have to agree if you guys have streamers promoting your games you really need to choose better streamers cause i really wanted to enjoy viewing your amazing game but atm t hey are bringing a sour note.

  • Ok ok, dang... I'll stream when Nheedra are available. (grumbles as she goes to dig up aftereffects and obs and blah blah blah.....)


    It's mostly the bad setup of the streamers. I can run it fine with my pretty dated i5 7600k with a 1050ti, getting over 60fps and a decent ping below or at around 100ms out of europe.

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