Will Beastmen be playable May 28th, 2020?

  • Hi wanted to know will those who are playing without pledges be able to play Beastmen in the Open Alpha Testing May 28th? I really wanted to try the Tiger race but when I tried to create the character its only giving human so was not sure was all. Please let me know thanks.

  • I believe we're still in very early alpha and (to my knowledge) the Beastmen races come later. (Right now, only male/female human models and the character options/etc usually come much later, closer to release).

    This alpha seems to be mostly about verifying core systems and combat are working (seem to be)... so I didn't expect the shiney (and likely won't until much later).

    I"m sure if I'm wrong on any count, someone will be along to correct shortly. Either way, it's fun to roam skeered and slow around this world so far. 😉

  • Thank you do you know is all the worlds open or just certain ones? I am more of a PVE Player so was checking to see if that world was up for testing or not. Let me know if you know or if anyone else knows. Thank you.

  • I believe the alpha test world is Synesia (sorry, spelling probably wrong there) - the blended PvE/PvP world. I do not know what the June test will bring, but I have much anticipation. 😉

  • Ok thank you for the info. I will have to see and go from there then. If this weekend goes well I might be buying a patron thing. I am a big time crafter/gather so I really want to test all the crafting and gather systems and see what can be made.

  • I hear you. Nheedra (bears) is the plan here. Have a loose guild concept that I'll be building out further once lore is available (may be a while). Until then, testing and trying my best to break things so they don't make it to the live game.

    Bigtime PvE, craft, trade, and sometimes (looking around and whispering)... roleplay.

  • I am the same way in all of that. I plan to play the Tiger race though I might try the Wolf race eventually if I decide to have a "pet" since it said they are the best animal tamers in the game so far. I plan to try and discover new recipes and other stuff if possible I just hope they put alot of stuff that has not been found yet for us to find now. 😉 I am going to go create my character now and see if I can get some exploring done if possible.

  • @Ekadzati Right there with you on that! Hoping to see a proper crafting and mercantile system at last.

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