Melvins Retreat

  • A young traveller slumps over near a tree. The Heartwood didn't treat him well. He expected his journey to be full of glory and success, but fate wouldn't have it. Bruised and broken, the defenders of the forest stopped him in his tracks and depleted his resources. His grumbling stomach hurts, maybe even more than his wounds. But he didn't have time to think about it, as the stomping of his followers grow closer and the howling of wolves haunt him. He forces himself to keep going, but willpower could only get him so far. He got lost a while ago and his hope for salvation as dwindling. But just about when he considered just laying down and finally falling asleep, he sees a gleam in the distance. He struggles on and ends up near a small cottage. The smell of cooked food invigorates him and out of the cabin stepped a man with a surprised look. It quickly changed into a big grin, and with a loud voice, he proclaims "You look tired, care for a meal and some rest?"

    Melvins Retreat is a small house (and so to be a chain of taverns) near the Heartwood forest offering supplies and a resting place for everyone travelling. The Heartwood is a central point of the map and has several tough foes that can quickly overwhelm one and deplete their resources.
    To make it easier for people to reach their goals I created a place where one can reconsider and gear up. Including a public chest with useful gear for the travels and a fireplace to regain energy.

    I wanna push for a supportive community and wanna do my part, so I am doing part. And I already saw some people being sceptical and nervous, thinking it was some elaborate PvP trap. And I understand that people don't have a reason to believe otherwise, so I'd advice not to join a militia. I haven't either. Let's have trust in one another and not be afraid to connect. Excited for any visitors that may show up. Good luck and lot of fun in this test phase.

    (The coordinates and a screenshot of the location)
    Melvins Retreat.png
    ( -358 w / -1296 N )

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