mage spells limited to cloth armour?


    ok i wanted to start this game as when i was looking it up and came across it it seemed to me that you could be what you wanted to be and play how you wanted yet when i get on i find that alot of mage spells are limited to cloth amour this just feels so wrong to me as to how the game was put forward is this likely to change? as you ask for unique builds but how is that possible when spells are locked to cloth armour i know its alpha but just a little disappointed that you cant be a battle mage or an archer in med armour using spells


    @Zeroski not sure if it is still like this, but you was in last patches just limited for Hide Armor, but not for the better Leather Armor.
    I am also sure, that there will be way more clothes later on, would not make sense to be limited on the actual available Armor.

  • Well, you can be a lot, but we still need rules and regulation, it is important for balance. Higher/tougher armour makes you tankier, so you shouldn't be able to burst as well. Also, it makes sense from an RP standpoint of things, but that is a different topic.
    Also, you can have medium armour and still a full set of spells at your disposal, I believe you just haven't found them.

    Also I have a battle mage set as a gladiator. One for damage and one for CC. I think you just didn't spend enough time yet to see what you got at you disposal.

    And again, limits are needed cause rules are necessary.

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