[FRAC-1963] Frenzy skill effect not showing properly

  • TF#5 - LEGATE

    Frenzy skill tooltip says:

    +1.5%*COS attack speed
    +1.5%*COS movement speed

    With my COS of 10 I would expect an increase of 15% to each.

    Frenzy attack speed bonus.png

    Attack speed is showing +3000%. This seems insanely high. Attack speed indeed seems to have increased way more than 15%. More like 200% for a total of 3 times the original speed. It definitely does not feel like an increase of 30 times.

    I think the character screen info is off as well as the tooltip or effect of the skill.

    Movement shows 650 (up from the base 500) which also is not 15%, but 30. It feels like movement improves by about 30% and the skill just adds a flat 150 instead of the 15% of base value.


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