Anyone else concerned how the last design journal was literally two years ago?

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  • Not at all concerned, really. They are less than 10 people pulling off something that I've seen studios of over 200 not manage as well in an early alpha test cycle.

    The real shame would be if some tempest in a teacup spun up and randomized them from what has already got to be a crunchy schedule.

    Please make a point of viewing things available and reading through released developer diaries and updates. I think you'll agree with me afterward that it's much more about prioritizing their time for maximum output than maximum communication.

    (That said, they probably need to get someone for those communications soon because we all know a hype train left unsatisfied quickly turns into a mess.)



    we've had some Content Pills but I miss the Spotlights...


    It would be nice at least get the Q&A content in written. 🤔

    Long videos are not the best place to store the newest information. @Prometheus




    Not concerned.

    Why would one be concerned when one can see the progress results in practice. 😉
    From the actual gameplay.


    They periodically put out news to show progress. You somehow found yourself here so that means you saw some kind of advertising for it 🙂

    With it in testing most of the design is going to be in polishing the game not polishing the website.

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    I'm actually very happy that they stopped making new design journals. They already laid out their roadmap and what they want to achieve, and they haven't fully implemented it yet, but are making good progress with every test. If they kept on adding features (like a lot of kickstarters that will remain un-named by me), then I would be concerned, as feature creep is usually the main reason why a project will fail to launch.


    I am not concerned, because the Spotlights describe almost the whole design.
    Surely it would be nice to get some updated ones, like at the Towns Spotlight to mention, we don't get seperated Guild/Free Town anymore, because it is not neccessary and would not break the design to make just one base form of a Town.
    But in general, the Spotlights already describe the idea of the game we will get. These are the templates on which the game is getting builded.

    @Tuoni yeah it would be nice, if Prometheus would write the summary... but think about, he is quite busy.
    In my opinion, we - the Community - should write that summaries of the Q&As. Someone with a very good english knowledge, who can separate important and not so important stuff that Prometheus said.
    As for new Spotlights or Design-Roadmaps, Prometheus already said, there will be a next one. But i think we will have to wait for a bit.


    I'm not concerned. We get to see the game progress and we are getting regular updates.


    When I first started looking into Fractured, I was also concerned about the dates on the design journals. However, when looking further I found that the developers are still heavily interacting with the community (especially when you consider the small team size).

    They could possibly be more obvious about their more recent interactions, but since at the moment they do not have a community management team it's sort of been up to us players to help out in that area.

    Here are some links that you may find useful if you are looking for info to supplement the Design Journals:

    A fellow player tried to collect all the public "blue posts" for Fractured- (The developer forum posts):

    @Oxfurd awesomely had a series of Q&A interviews with Prometheus (Thank you!)

    Each video is over an hour long, and so it contains a wealth of info, I started with the one that has timestamps in the about section to make my life easier xD

  • Just because we're not seeing whats happening behind the scenes right now doesn't necessarily mean that there isn't progress 🙂

    There's actually quite a number of progress since I joined (last alpha test), and at this point in time it seems that the devs are analysing, implementing necessary changes, and preparing for the next alpha test scheduled for the end of the month, they are also quite active in the community, it's just that it is a small team and on a different timezone, therefore it's not so apparent to people that they are active.

    In reality, there is actually a lot going on behind the scenes 🙂

    and i know some people would comment that they don't see the Devs much playing during testing and thats because they have their own private server/offline server that they test the game at.

    I actually run my own game/private server (different game; details aren't really necessary as i don't like to 'poop where i eat' so to speak), and whenever I do my own tests i conduct everything on a private/offline server and away from my game community. Sometimes when things are being done behind the scenes, a lot of players complain that I have no presence in the game but when my 'tests' and development is done, they forget what they were complaining about and get back to the game, and then the cycle repeats itself.

    With that being said, it is normal for games particularly in their Alpha to be super quiet or have "slow" news release cause programming/testing things take a lot of energy, then editing news/articles would also be quite taxing once you've done so much. They are a small team after all.

    Expect 'slow' news but be active in the community as we typically hear some unofficial news before they go official.

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    +1 @Zori !

    It is known that Fractured MMO doesn't have a dedicated Public Information person to do the writing on those kinds of updates. It would be great if they did, but the devs seem to be prioritizing getting the game up and ready to play 😉

    The 'Roadmap' to the next test - coming right up and no doubt keeping them very very busy - is what I posted to my socmed accounts. Also the great Q&A done a little while back w/@Oxfurd & @Prometheus about cities in the upcoming test. Which will start this month, on a day I keep checking back to see whether they've divulged yet... 🤞 🙏 🤞 🙏

    Right now, WE ARE THE PUBLIC INFO PEOPLE, y'all. 🙋 Get busy, and maybe enough advance $$ will come in to let them get more marketing materials out.


    @Caako I wouldn't worry about it at all. I think that they have been doing a fantastic job of updating the Discord server and such, so as long as they are updating that I'm sure that it will be fine. Besides they are making progress and doing a hell of a job for such a small studio.

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