How do I delete my account?


    Unable to load game, after I select my character, click play, and after a while of loading world, it crashes. Guess my 6 year old laptop is not good enough to play the game, so will like to delete the account.

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    Hey @TyrH,

    I don't think there is a way for you to manually delete an account, but I am sure the admins can do that.

    But just to inform yout: There is a current problem for certain people not being able to login. Or at least there was as of last Friday still. I wouldn't be surprised if you are part of that group. Since this game is still in an alpha state, the devs are working on getting this resolved. Also, the game has gone through optimization cycles a few times already with great improvements, and there are plenty more to come.

    So I suggestion would be to just hang around for a few months, see where this is going and keep your account with all points in your "foundation" as there is a good chance you might be able to play the game just fine in a month or two on the same laptop.



    try to load 5-8 times after it kick you back to character selection. its working for me.


    Hey @TyrH,
    Silynx already said all, that i would say too.
    There will be much improvement for the game client during the test phases.
    Your problem could be same as my friend has and others too. Since Prometheus already asked for the crash logs, i am sure he will find the reason for this loading problem.
    This game was supposed to run on normal PCs too, not just on the high end gaming PCs.
    And i don't really see a reason, why your 6 years old PC should not be able to run it. Maybe not on highest settings, but it should be able to start it on low settings.
    Also, imagine, the game will be in Release not before End of 2021, in my Opinion maybe even 2022, so who knows if you don't have a new PC when the game is starting into a permanent online world (aka Release).
    Just hang around, if you like the game idea and watch some Streams meanwhile.


    @TyrH -
    I'll ditto what @Silynx & @Kralith said, and add that this forum community has been a fun place for me to check in daily (posting for points, looking for clues, meeting nice folks). @Prometheus & @Specter are excellent at response to problems and at listening to player suggestions.

    What's going on now is a part of game development most players never have to deal with, and it IS a pain sometimes. Do what you can. If it stops being fun, wait for the next test and do some more. That's how I do it 😄

    But seriously, if your pc is 6 yrs old & this game is gonna take at least another year or so before the 'real launch'... start thinking about what your new pc is gonna need. I'm casing graphix cards myself... 😉

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