Spell casters are too weak in Pvp.

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    Let me start by saying I am a MELEE player and I think spell caster's need a buff.

    It starts with balancing the abilities.There is NO reason why a player should be 100% immune to fire and magic damage. Currently that is easily doable with a PERMANENT buff called "Protection from Fire". This needs to be a duration like 10 seconds. A player should have to use it skillfully during combat when expecting a fire spell.

    Mage armor should NOT be able to be used in anything above light armor. This gives too much spell resistance to melee players and can easily be stacked with their armor for 100% magic resist. Players have been doing this.


    from what i saw from your stream and other videos mages sucks a lot
    didn't get to play the game because it didn't work in the free alpha
    maybe they are good in late game cuz it says difficult to play

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    The fact is that because of the clothes of the magician, it is impossible to catch up. + Frenzy skill does not really take MP away from magicians, which means that it is always very fast. So it’s strange that you write about some skills and damage ...


    @Nekrage Do you mean in in PVP or in PVE?
    As for PVP i can't say anything.
    As for PVE, i don't think Caster are too weak, they are able to kill most creatures by themself, i got more the feeling they are even overpowered in PVE compared to a Melee.

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    @Kralith PvP specifically. I should clarify.

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    I think this has more to do with the super short pvp duration you outlined. If you gang up on someone and use a single stun, the opponent may not ever get to do anything before being KO. Longer fights would allow for more action and bring the spell caster crowd control abilities (often combined with damage) more into focus, especially in more than 1v1 fights.


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