Eternally V.I.P. ! woot.


    Fell in love with the game so much, decided to back the developers with an eternal purchase. can't wait for more testing and the finished outcome. Good job devs!

  • Welcome to the club!


    Nice, I am planning on saving every penny I can over the next several months so I can grab it as well. This will make the second game I believed in enough to want to back it during Alpha testing, the other was Subnautica.

  • @Starchaser what was your experience backing that alpha?

    This is legit the first time I've ever felt compelled to back an alpha as it appears that the devs aren't over reaching for their budget/size.

    I hope this game comes out as everything that we hoped it to be! it's hard to find a good MMO now a days.


    @Zori My experience with Subnautica was really good actually. It was amazing watching that game grow from a proof of concept that could run on a tablet, to a full blown game just because of the founders donations. They paid a lot of attention it felt to feedback, and they had a very transparent road map with updates that anyone could easily see what they were currently working on in the game.

  • @Starchaser It's very rarely that I hear someone say anything positive about supporting an alpha lol
    Most of the stories I heard are 'horror' stories so I was quite diligent/hesitant about supporting this game when I first heard it. After playing on the Alpha and doing my due diligence about what the devs are planning, and seeing how far along they are on their Alpha test, I felt compelled to purchase the Eternal pack.


    @Zori I have a very tight budget, so I sadly cant back every project that I enjoy testing, which is why I am super super picky when I do it, and like I said, so far this looks like the second game ever I will be supporting in it's Alpha phase instead of waiting until late beta or actual release day.

  • @Starchaser

    Yeah I get what you mean with the cost haha
    With the conversion rate, the price sky rocketed but I was glad to find some discount codes so I took advantage of it.

    GL with things! hope to see you around in the secret forum 😉

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    I'm with a few others in this thread. moneys tight. but I try to advertise the game whenever I can.
    I should really start plugging my profile invite more....

    But I to am impressed by the updates and can't wait for the next guild/town update. 😄

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